Friday, November 10, 2017

Updates: Writing and weather

It's cold. I'm not a fan of the cold. But, such is life. It's part of the seasons. I guess it's time to break out my heavy coat and gloves soon.

I've been reading books a little more than normal lately. Like my drinking, I will often binge read. Over the last couple weeks, I've read three books and am starting my fourth. Then I'll probably go a month or two without reading any books. I guess that's healthier than binge drinking. Not sure if it's as fun, though.

I have some fun writing announcements to make soon. Professionally, I've been working on something with the newspaper. We're still hammering out all of the kinks, but for now, all I'll say is keep your eyes peeled on the blog section of the newspaper's website. A more formal announcement is coming shortly.

Personally, I've been spending my free time working on a writing project that involves my college days. I'm not rushing that and am taking my time. You'll hear more about that in 2018.

I've had four pieces published in the Charleston Gazette-Mail since I started in March. Here's where we learn our valuable lesson about rejection: four pieces published and I was told no on probably five others. But, it all comes back around; that other project may be a home to some of my rejected pieces.

Here are the four I've had printed:

Opioids a more immediate problem than tobacco ... sort of a rebuttal to a retired doctor who wrote a piece about how we shouldn't lose focus on the dangers of smoking. 

Short-sighted efforts to bring back coal are not the answer ... shortly after President Trump pulled America out of the Paris Climate Agreement, I got angry and typed out some words.

Let's keep the Bible out of our classrooms ... my take on the controversial "Bible in the Classrooms" program that Mercer County has taught in schools for decades

Deplorable senators doing what they do best ... taking a look at the Republican efforts to destroy the Affordable Care Act, with a special focus on West Virginia's own horrible senator, Shelley Moore Capito

And, I'll start having some more links to showcase to the world on a fairly regular basis. More on that later.

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