Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rainy Sunday

A nice, rainy Sunday. It's been "autumn" for a while, but it's still felt like summer every single day. To quote Marge Simpson, "After spring and winter, fall is my favorite season."

Favorite episodes of the simpsons: the one where Rodney Dangerfield is Mr. Burns' long-lost son. The one where Homer has to go back to college. The one where Homer finds a cure for his baldness and his life magically improves. And, pretty much all the other ones. That sounds like an idea for a list one day.

I have some new opportunities coming up at work. I think if everything goes according to plan, this could be something cool for me to do. I know I still have at least one piece waiting around to be published in the op-ed section of the paper; the piece about the Bible class in Mercer County.

I'm working on a couple other side projects. Those are taking time. But, it's time well spent. More on that later.

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