Monday, September 18, 2017

My Monday Mood

Chris Cornell has said that the idea for this song came when he saw two limos driving on the road and thought it would be cool if they started racing. Then, he thought "What if they wrecked?" Then he just started fantasizing about that and the line "The wreck of you is the death of you all," popped in his head and it all came to him from there.

One of my favorite Soundgarden songs. It's definitely toward the top. I need to do another one of those old "Top 25" blog posts. I don't think I've done one in a while. 

Shortly after Cornell's death, I was listening to a lot more Soundgarden and Audioslave and I noticed how eerily morbid a lot of the songs were now that he was dead via suicide. So, I made a list of those songs that, in essence, possibly foretold his death, and I wrote it up.

I sent it to a few places to see if they wanted to publish it, but like when I talk to girls, all I got was rejection. I tried to get it printed on BuzzFeed. It wasn't a dumb quiz or a collection of funny memes, so they passed. So, I posted it over at Medium dot com. In theory, that's a great site, but really, it kind of sucks.

I think my piece "Suicidal Thoughts: The Troubling Lyrics Of Chris Cornell" is pretty cool. Check it out and see for yourself.

* * *

My "Sounds of Summer" columns have all been printed. The third try is on the website, and I think it's nice. I think of all three, I enjoy number two the best; the "songs that say goddamn" edition. When they're printed, the title is always "Sounds of Summer: The [clever phrase] edition." If the GD one had been printed, I was going to see if I could get away with calling it "Sounds of Summer: The 'God, damn' edition."

For those who know their grammar, that's technically not the "GD" word. But, obviously, that one wasn't going to be printed. Nor was my collection of debauchery and other nonsense.

I actually had three other ideas. The first two were not funny enough, and the third was just mean. Here they are:

Sounds of Summer: The 'Creep' edition ... The introduction was going to be a funny tale about how I'm socially awkward and a creep, followed by my favorite songs that are titled "Creep." Stone Temple Pilots, "I think you're kind of neat, then she tells me I'm a creep." Radiohead, "I'm a creep; I'm a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here?" The funny part was that I was also going to use TLC's song "Creep," and talk about how they were "trifling." I couldn't find enough songs called "Creep" to fill out the list, and I didn't think it was funny enough.

Sounds of Summer: The 'Not Wonderwall' edition ... Oasis songs that aren't Wonderwall. Pretty self explanatory. I wrote down a bunch of their songs that I like and was going to talk about how they're better than just that one song everybody loves. Live Forever" was recently in the public eye, as it was the unofficial theme song of the Ariana Grande benefit concert. "Hello" and "She's Electric" and "Lyla" are good ones too.

Sounds of Summer: The 'Hangin around' edition ... The intro was going to talk about how I like to relax and spend time with friends, you know, hanging around. The first song was going to be "Hanginaround," by the Counting Crows. Then the other songs were, ummm, going to, uhhh, be by... Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington and the guy from INXS... and I wasn't going to mention anything about their deaths, and just talk about how those were good songs to listen to when "hanging around."

Side note: the INXS guy was believed to be one of those "masturbation gone wrong" tales. But, others believe he was a sad guy.

I chuckled when I thought about the idea. But, the more I thought about it, I realized that there was no good comedy from it. I have no problem saying something outrageous if I think there's a point or if it's part of some greater good. I don't like really crazy religious people, so I have no problem comparing God to a comic book character. With this one, it was shocking for the sake of being shocking, with no good punchline or lesson, so I discarded it. I'm more mature in my 30s, apparently.

* * *

In other news:

I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed Oct. 6. I took Ashley Green to Beckley in 2013 to get hers removed and then drove her home afterward. We watched "Boy Meets World" on DVD and ate popsicles. 

I tried to be a vegetarian again for a while. For the summer and into the fall of 2014, I didn't eat meat and rode my bike around a lot, and had a friend ask if I was doing pills because I was getting thinner. I was pretty strict for about a month, but now I eat meat if I'm feeling lazy.

I got a Simpsons tattoo a couple weeks ago. I had been wondering what to get for a while, to show my love of the show, but I didn't want something obvious. So, I got the town motto tattooed on my right arm, above my elbow: "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man." The joke is that nobody in the town knows it's a fake word.

I can't stand people that are "beer snobs." They love hoppy stuff with fancy names and IPA's and look down on Miller Lite and the like. I'm not one of those people, but I realized recently that I am a mustard snob. I buy fancy, random flavored and spiced mustards in weird jars and I can't stand the regular yellow stuff.

That's it for now. More later.

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