Saturday, July 15, 2017

Norm Macdonald Clip of the Week: New "Norm Live" episodes!

The latest season of "Norm Macdonald Live," the video podcast hosted by one of this generation's best comedians, is back for its... 4th season? Or maybe it's still technically on its 3rd season, which abruptly ended last year after only two episodes -- interviews with Stephen Merchant and Bill Hader.

In the preview clip above, Norm welcomes television icon David Letterman onto his show. They discuss Dave's insistence that he's done with late-night TV and his urging that Norm do more with the genre.

This would appear to be during the "jokes" portion of the show, as that's how the clip ends. A standard episode is around an hour long, and begins with an introduction by Norm and his sidekick, Adam Eget, a well-known comedy club owner. After the intro piece, which will often be a funny story, a rambling Norm-style joke he's famous for, or some sort of skit, the guest will come on and they talk about whatever. Then the show closes out with the group reading jokes. Here's a sampling (NSFW):

He's had a wide range of guests on the program: everybody from Billy Bob Thornton to Roseanne to Adam Sandler to Carl Reiner to Larry King to Andy Dick. It's an entertaining way to spend an hour, that's for sure.

The first episode of the new season is particularly interesting, since David Letterman rarely does interviews these days, since retiring several years ago. Dave has always had a soft spot for Norm, noting that he was one of his favorite late-night guests, and one of his favorite comedians. And Norm has always talked about how much he looked up to Dave as both a comedian and television personality. In fact, Norm was the final stand up comedy act on Letterman's "Late Night" program in its final week.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Makin' pages: My job at the newspaper

I've been a copy editor with the Charleston Gazette-Mail since March 2, 2017. Before that, I spent 15 months as a reporter with the Page News and Courier, in Luray, VA. My job duties at the two are very different.

Luray: Cover local government for three towns, write news articles on whatever pops up, work on occasional feature articles, take pictures.

Charleston: Read over articles, look for grammatical errors, design pages, put articles on the website.

I had experience doing page design in high school and college; eight school years of using the programs and doing stuff. So, I knew what I was doing when I got here, I just needed to familiarize myself with the Charleston way of doing things.

I would say after about three months, I started feeling like more a part of the crew, as opposed to a new guy working here fumbling around.

Below, is a sampling of what I've done during my time in Charleston.

Above is the first page I designed for the newspaper, on my first day. They had me play around in the design program for a while, and after seeing that I had an idea of what I was doing, they let me do this.

I will admit to getting slightly political with this Donald Trump article. I thought it would be hilarious to put a picture of Trump giving a thumbs up to an article talking about how wrong he was.

After a while I got to design the "Valley & State" section, which is essentially like a secondary front page inside the newspaper. There's a little more freedom for creativity and experimentation.

I enjoy throwing in a good pun wherever I can.

That last picture is two of my columns for the opinion section in the computer system, waiting to be printed. More on that later...