Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Two months in Charleston

May 2 is the start of the 2nd month that I've worked at the Charleston Gazette-Mail newspaper. I'm still the lowest person on the totem pole there and I feel out of place 95 percent of the time, but I'm getting closer to fitting in. My assessment of my work there so far: I'm not a master of anything, but I'm getting pretty good at the stuff I do. If anybody reads the Dear Abby page of the paper each day... you've seen my work.

Navigating things is different in Charleston. It's different from what I've always known. I lived in Princeton, WV for 15 years and Luray, VA for 16 months. They were both so small that I knew where things were, but I couldn't navigate the street names. Here, I don't know where anything is, but I know the main streets in Charleston. I go to the street I need, then walk up and down it until I find what I need.

I'm trying not to use Google Maps as much. I want to make sure I actually know where things are, and that I'm not just looking at a screen telling me to turn left and right.

I don't drive much in Charleston. I'm doing a lot more walking. Which reminds me that I hate walking. But, it's a necessary evil. And, it could even wind up being healthy for me.

For those wondering, I think my next trip to Luray will potentially be sometime in the next two months. Luray does the "Summer Concert Series" things, and I've been talking to a few friends in the area, and that seems like a decent time to head out. That way, I don't have to make a lot of plans to see people -- most of them will all be in one area, and I can mingle and catch up without having to make a huge effort.

That's still in the planning stages. I'll make more of an official announcement once things come closer to fruition.

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