Sunday, April 16, 2017

The slowest day at Pizza Hut ever

Spring 2009. I'm a 22-year-old 5th year senior at Concord University. I have long hair, which is usually in a bun because I'm too lazy to really have long hair. I had been working at Pizza Hut off and on since 2005. At this point, I'm working during the school year, on Saturday and Sunday, the opening shift - 9:30 until 4-ish.

It's about a half hour drive from Concord to Pizza Hut. I live my life in a perpetual daze, especially when I have to get up early. So, it's around 9:15 a.m. and I'm driving to Pizza Hut one Sunday morning. I pass a church and notice it's packed. I pass another one, and notice the same. And, so on. So on, and so on. There are a lot of churches in Princeton.

By the sixth overflow church parking lot, I realize that it's Easter Sunday. That's never been a holiday that's meant much to me, so I never really celebrated it. 

When I was younger, we would do the egg hunt stuff at my grandpa's house. Me and my two cousins would color eggs the night before. I both liked and hated it; I enjoyed the creativity of it, but hated the smell because vinegar was involved in the coloring process. This was back before Google, so I couldn't search "Ways to color eggs that don't smell like absolute shit," so I just had to take my grandpa's word that it was the best way. 

I show up to work and it's the first time I'm working with Tommy, the new manager. He had been a delivery driver for the longest time before. He was a huge stoner and really didn't know what he was doing. I was still 6 months away from becoming a manager myself, but just from being around it, I had an idea of how things worked, so I helped him do his opening stuff; counting money and computer work and whatnot.

Sunday was always a busy day. It was the only time during the weekend that there was a buffet. And, it was very popular with the church crowd. We wondered to ourselves how the holiday would affect things. There was a possibility that it would make things a lot busier - there are more people at church today, so more people could come to the buffet. Or, it could go a little slower - it's a special day, so maybe some of those people have other plans.

Pizza Hut opens at 11, and the buffet starts at 12. The server shows up at 10, and delivery driver shows up at 11. And, usually right when we open there are a couple orders immediately. By the time the buffet starts, there are usually 10 orders. A busy buffet shift could see 40 tables in a 90-minute span. For a small Sunday crew, that's an overwhelming, hate-yourself-during-it shift.

How did Easter affect us in 2009?

We did not have a single order until 2:30! TWO THIRTY! THREE HOURS AND THIRTY MINUTES AFTER WE OPENED! 

What were those church people doing? Who knows... they certainly weren't eating pizza.

Interesting note: Tommy didn't stick around long after that. One day his till came up $50 short. When questioned about it - not even in an accusatory manner - he got defensive and quit on the spot.

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