Saturday, April 15, 2017

Newspaper Awards

I'm still getting settled into my new life in Charleston. Before I started working at the newspaper here, I had only ever been to the mall or the hospital in Charleston. I still don't know where a lot of things are, but I'm slowly learning and finding my way around.

One of the reporters at the newspaper won a Pulitzer Prize recently for his investigation into over-prescription of pills in the state. That's so crazy to fathom. It is the first for the Charleston Gazette-Mail, and only the 2nd West Virginia newspaper to receive a Pulitzer. That was in 1976 and had something to do with school textbooks. 

I haven't asked around, but one would assume that the 1976 Pulitzer winner is deceased. I feel like there would be a comment from him or a feature looking back at his work, or something to commemorate his moment in relation to this moment. 

* * *

While on a much, much, much smaller scale, I can also say that I am now an award-winning journalist. I picked up a couple 2nd place certificates at the Virginia Press Association awards ceremony for my work with the Page News and Courier.

Feels good to be rewarded in some fashion for my work there. I had a mostly-good 16-month run at the PNC. The PNC also won something called "Grand Sweepstakes." That basically means we did a really good job overall.

* * *

I don't miss the Page News and Courier at all. Some people have asked me about that recently. I had decided in January that it was time to move on, and I did that. It was no longer a beneficial position for me to have, so I looked for one that was.

It was time to move to a bigger challenge, and I did that.  

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