Thursday, December 29, 2016

Newspaper and Podcast Updates

I had a guy call me in my office recently. He was an older guy and asked about a picture I took that was on the front page of the newspaper. He asked if it was current. I told him yeah; I took that picture two days before it was printed. "So, it wasn't five years ago?" No, it wasn't. He thought a lady with her back to the camera was his deceased wife.

When I first started working here, I was given a timeline -- the first year will see me doing this, then the second year etc... It was an unofficial kind of thing; the first year will see me being confused, trying to understand how the town works, then year two will see me knowing more and having an opinion on things. As I begin my second year on the Page News and Courier staff, I see that being true.

I'm fully into covering a lot of things for the second time. When I first noticed it happening, I thought I would be burnt out on it. "This group is holding their annual late-november thing. Write about it for the second time." That's not too exciting. But, as I see some of my bigger stuff happening again - talking to the mayors in the three towns, for instance - I'm excited about that. Last January, I spoke to them about their 2015 and I knew nothing that I was talking about. "Ask them about X, Y, Z. Those were the big things that happened." Now, I know what the big things were and I can accurately speak about those.

I'm still trying to find the time to balance my personal and professional projects. My podcast about restaurant life; talking to servers and cooks and whatnot, is still slated for an early 2017 launch. I had talked to a few people close to me earlier in the year to see if that was an interesting idea. They all agreed that it was. I sat on it for a while, and then broached the subject in a Facebook post asking for opinions. I was very surprised to see a lot of positive feedback from both friends and casual acquaintances.

I still have ideas on how to better utilize my somewhat-dormant YouTube channel. I was working on a project with a partner in the early fall of 2015, but then that got put on hold when I got the job at the PNC and moved four hours away. I told a few people about it, and they seemed to like it. And, then I told a few others and they were a bit confused.

But, I've noticed that I'm not great at pitching things. Saying what I want to do and describing why it is awesome is something that I need to work on. I'm much better at showing a finished product and saying "See? Isn't it cool?"

Maybe that's a resolution for 2017: get better at pitches.

My YouTube idea was cool, and I can always go back to it. It will never not be relevant. So, you may hear more about that one day. But, the podcast is definitely something that I'm working on. There are a few titles for it in my head. I have a few people unofficially lined up to talk to, and I have a million more people that I want to chat with. It will be fun. I'll keep everybody posted on that.

Good stopping point for now. [insert thumbs up emoji]

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