Friday, November 18, 2016

Norm Macdonald Clip of the Week: Norm Ruins The View

This week's "Norm Macdonald Clip of the Week" looks at Norm's disastrous late-2000 appearance on "The View." It's a disaster in the sense that Norm sabotages it on purpose. He's since said that was his intent; he just made up stuff to make them angry. And, it works.

This was during the contested Bush-Gore election, and Norm immediately talks about how much he likes Bush, noting that he wants to get the murderers out of the White House. The hosts are confused, prompting Norm to say "You know Bill Clinton killed a man, right?" Barbara Walters is shocked and immediately tries to change the subject, with Norm continuing to pressure her. "You mean, you never heard about that?"

While they're talking, a phone begins to ring. The hosts seem confused and ask if Norm has his phone with him. Norm suddenly realizes the ringing, pulls his phone out and asks if he should answer it. He mumbles "Hello?" before admitting "The producer thought it would be funny if I brought a phone out and pretended to talk." They cannot believe that he just admitted that they staged a prank during the interview. 

It's so awesome to see him just make them hate him.

One ironic note: they bring up Bill Cosby, and ask Norm for his story. It's likely the same hilarious story he once told on David Letterman's show, but Norm starts it by saying "Bill Cosby, now that's a man who has no accusations against him," referencing his Bill Clinton stunt from earlier. 

Comedy doesn't always have to feature laughs. Norm isn't telling jokes or playing along with any stunts, but he's hilarious here.

Check out Norm's new book. It's hilarious.

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