Wednesday, April 6, 2016

22 Years

22 years ago is the date of both when Kurt Cobain killed himself and when his body was actually found - April 5 and 8. I've written a lot about Nirvana and why I like there music in the past. Usually around this time of year. So, you can search the archives for that if you'd like.

Rolling Stone magazine posted on their twitter the original story they printed in June 1994, the first big expose into the final days of Cobain. Click here to see that. There have been several books and documentaries released over the last two decades as well. I actually have an "oral history" of Nirvana called "I Found My Friends" sitting on my coffee table that I haven't started reading yet that I need to check out.

Above is the last song that Nirvana ever recorded, "You Know You're Right." It has been alleged to have been written by Cobain about his marriage. It wasn't released until their 2002 greatest hits album was released. I wrote a review of that in my high school newspaper in early 2003. I haven't read that in nearly 13 years. I bet it's horrible.

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