Sunday, March 27, 2016

Album Review: Weezer's self titled "White Album"

Weezer's tenth studio album, the self-titled "White Album" will be released April 1. This will be their fourth untitled album with a color theme, after the blue, green, and red albums. And, yes, I'm sure they know another band back in the day previously released a self-titled "White Album."

You can sort of call the white album a comeback. They released a string of critically and commercially successful albums from 1995 until 2005. Then they kept releasing albums for another decade. That hardcore group of Weezer fans didn't seem to like them as well as they used to. And they didn't catch on with the mainstream audience, with the lone exception of "Pork and Beans," their 2008 track that was one of their highest-charting singles.

Weezer seemed to realize what had happened and attempted to bring back that old feeling with their last album "Everything Will Be Alright In The End." Their first single, "Back To The Shack" even addressed those fan issues, slipping in self references to previous songs and old band members.

But, it felt forced. It was "Hey, here's an album where we say we're going back to the way things used to be. See that album title? Yeah, that's how we feel about this disk of songs."

The best way to go back to the "good old days" is to rock out like you did 20 years ago. And, that's what Weezer does on this new album. The white album will be released on April 1, and in a bit of a change from how they've done things, they released five singles before the release of the album. It's almost like they were trying to win the trust of the audience: "See? These songs are good, you can buy the whole thing."

It is a 10-track album. I have listened to all five of the released tracks so far. They're all great. Half of this album is already great. And it's the tenth album from a band that has been together over 20 years. Already, it's a success.

Weezer has always been known for making great music videos. There's a fun article on Thought Catalog looking at some of Weezer's best videos. And, if you didn't know, I wrote that article two years ago.

For their first five singles, they made videos for four of them (and actually two videos for one of the songs). What's cool about their latest video is that it references all of them. The band isn't featured in any of the videos. "Thank God For Girls" features a man awkwardly eating several pastries by himself. "King Of The World" has a man wearing a crown and cape harassing a pretty lady before being tackled by the police. "L.A. Girlz" features a kid who bears a resemblance to lead singer Rivers Cuomo dancing on the beach with a muscular, bikini-wearing lady.

The fifth single "California Kids" has Rivers walking around having flashbacks to those videos. The scene from the actual video will come up, then he will be reenacting it. It's kind of cool. My favorite song of the five, "Do You Wanna Get High" is the one they didn't release a video for. Although, the lyric video is pretty trippy. Check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Below are all four videos, in the order they were released. 

Thank God For Girls

Do You Wanna Get High

King Of The World

L.A. Girlz

California Kidz

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