Friday, January 1, 2016

02 Months

January 02, 2016 will make two months that I have lived in Luray, Virginia. Two and a half months ago, I randomly applied to a newspaper that I saw on Journalism Jobs dot com. I would say things have worked out well for me since then.

It's been quite a journey.

The late-2013 DUI really changed everything for me. That was the beginning domino that knocked them all down that led me to this point in my life.

I lost my license as a result. I had to move in with my mom. I was stuck for a period and couldn't move forward. I had become a shell of myself.

I remember when I met my first friend after all of this had happened. The majority of my friends were there for my fall from grace. I was hanging out with a girl and she dropped me off at my mom's. Something clicked in my head and I thought, "Oh yeah, I should let her know that I'm not just some random loser living with my mom."

I had ambitions. I tried to stay occupied. I did a little freelance journalism here and there. I had three ideas for ebooks, only one of which I actually started working on. I came much closer than I ever expected to getting a job writing about pop culture for Maxim magazine's website. I submitted an article to the New York Times that ultimately didn't get printed. I put a lot of energy into making my podcast be important.

I didn't just disappear and hibernate or something like that. The whole time I was living with my mom, I was plotting on how to get out and what to do next.

Not to say that I didn't wallow in my own self-pity for a while. I drank as a crutch way more than I should have, especially in the beginning. And some in the middle. And even there at the end as well.

I was self-destructing at the end. It was time to leave the area and start over. I'm a line-pusher, in several regards. It's good with my writing career, because I say things that get people to pay attention to me. It's bad when I'm thinking to myself, "How drunk can I get at work before it becomes a problem?" and I'm actively trying to find that line. Full disclosure: you can get really, really drunk at Outback Steakhouse and still be an effective server.

But yeah, it was definitely time to get out of there. I'm much happier with a job that actually lets me use my mind and is something I'm passionate about. People treat me with respect and I don't want to lose that, so I've put forth a lot of effort toward cleaning up my life in several different aspects.

So, two months into my tenure in a new state and full-time career, I'm very happy. Much happier than I've been in years. This is the first step in several more steps that I'm going to make.

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