Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Norm Macdonald Clip of the Week

I was perusing the news on Tuesday morning, November 10 and came across an article noting that Helmut Schmidt, a former German Chancellor, had passed away at the age of 96. It instantly brought to mind a dumb joke that Norm Macdonald had made on his podcast.

The format of the podcast is Norm Macdonald and his co-host Adam Eget interview a celebrity guest. They talk about whatever for a while, then they have a segment where they read jokes. Norm writes all of the jokes and they are in his style, and he hands them to both the guest and Adam to read. Part of the hilarity is that the jokes often don't work, aren't funny, or just fall flat.

Early episodes of the podcast focused on the live aspect of the show, as it was streamed live. For later episodes, they don't point that out as much. This episode streamed live on April 1, 2014. While they were telling jokes, Norm also began birthday announcements. He said:

"... and former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt would have been 95 today. April Fools! Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt is alive and well!"

Ironic in a way that the death of Schmidt reminds me of a joke where his death is used as a setup only for the punchline to be that he's still alive.

The April Fool's joke comes at the end of the video. The jokes before are dumb, but kind of funny. It's a decent way to spend a couple minutes.

For more information about Helmut Schmidt, check out his New York Times obituary.

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