Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Podcast, YouTube updates

I ran into a girl at an establishment the other night. I won't say where we were, but we were both drinking. She said to me, "I love your podcast! I listen to it all the time!" That was odd to me for two reasons: 1) It's always weird when people compliment me and 2) I haven't recorded a podcast in months.

Why haven't I? I initially took a break because of two reasons. The first was because I had a great idea for a show and the person I wanted to talk to backed out. That was a little discouraging. And then I was a few weeks away from getting my license back and decided to wait for that so I could go drive and interview people. Then, through a loophole in the system, I had to wait another month. And that depressed me. And I just didn't feel like talking about anything.

And I don't know if I have felt like talking about anything of substance since then, to be honest. I've had my moments. I've had a thought pop into my head in the shower or driving down the road and I would think "That's clever! I should expand upon in podcast form." Or, something would happen and I would want to talk to somebody about it and get their view. But, I just didn't.

The closest I came was a few months ago with the armed guards at the recruiting center. After all the commotion I caused on Facebook, I figured I would talk to them and get the full story. And as we all know by now, they decided against talking on the record with me. So, there went that.

My biggest concern is that I don't want to half-ass something. And before anybody who has ever worked a job with me starts to chime in, allow me to clarify: I don't want to half-ass anything I actually have a passion for. Pizza and waiting tables and that month I worked at CVS were not passions of mine. Journalism. Talking to people. Broadcasting the truth. Those are my passions.

I was burnt out. Depressed. Anxious. I was all of that weird stuff that nobody likes talking about. Drinking heavily as well. I'm at the point in my life where I sort of halfway-acknowledge that vice. So I wasn't as creative as I should have been.

And I didn't want that to show in any creative endeavor of mine. So I didn't express myself through that medium. I do those blogs that I call "Unfinished Works" where I started to do something and then couldn't finish it. You could almost call those blog outtakes or something. And I didn't want to do that with a podcast.

There are people who really like what I speak into a microphone or the questions I ask somebody. And I didn't want those people to think "He used to be really good at that." So I didn't do anything.

I think that's about to change. I have been getting the itch to start podcasting again. I still listen to a lot of podcasts regularly. I still think I'm really good, as good as or better than some of the people I listen to. Why shouldn't I go back to doing it?

With everything, you need a plan. And I've been slowly working on that plan. Expanding my YouTube channel has been a big priority of mine lately. It's the unofficial home of my podcast and random videos of me (mostly digging my car out of the snow last year). I want to make that more of a multimedia hub of content.

I've been developing a YouTube show of sorts. I've told a few, close friends about it and they all think it's a good idea. And the reason that hasn't become a thing yet is because you can't half-ass something like that. It has to look good and worthy of being watched. And what that mostly means is that I need to make my bedroom look like it's not really my bedroom.

So, that's where I'm at. Ideas. Planning. Plotting? Development. Good stuff will be happening. I'll keep everybody updated.

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