Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July

Ripley, West Virginia, has a sign once you enter town exclaiming they are home to "the USA's largest small-town 4th of July celebration!" I assume most small towns have something similar. The 4th of July is one of the biggest calendar days in Jackson County, and that's where I grew up so that was always a big day for me.

That's not really the case anymore. Fireworks lose their appeal when you have to sneak out of work for a few minutes to watch them, like I did when I was 18 and working at Pizza Hut. Now it's just another day. Another excuse to drink. I don't like to drink around happy people or for good reasons, so that holiday is lost on me.

I sort of hate my hometown now. Ripley and Ravenswood are like that girl you spent a lot of time with and now you roll your eyes when thinking back on the memories. Aside from 5 hours one day last summer, I haven't been back since 2012. If I never go back, I think I'll be okay. My mom used to make a big deal about it. Now she doesn't even ask; she just tells me she's going to Ripley for a few days and we leave it at that.

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