Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday. Nothing.

Tuesday. Nothing to report. I've just been in a weird mood lately. I've had a lot of stuff on my mind but I haven't really been able to articulate it properly.

I wrote a short story recently. I don't really write a lot of fiction. I don't like it. I let a couple people read it and got mixed reviews. I've noticed that everything I write that's fiction tends to involve death and have a vague, ambiguous ending. I don't really know why.

The next "Top 25" music list will feature The White Stripes. This and the last one in this series were both influenced by Celia. A while back I randomly texted her "Foo Fighters or Pearl Jam?" and her response led to me looking at my favorite Foo songs. This one is related to her and I in another way. Maybe I'll tell that story one day. Look for that to be up eventually.

And check out:

Top 25 Foo Fighters Songs

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Top 25 Led Zeppelin Songs (sort of)

Top 25 Beatles Songs

I have another list idea that likely won't be published for a while. I have the first nine seasons of "The Simpsons" on DVD and my idea is to rank all 206 of those episodes. I don't know exactly how I'm doing it. Right now, I'm going through and ranking the episodes of each individual season. I've done that with the first two right now. As I have more of a clear understanding of what I'm doing with that, I'll fill everybody in.

"What about the DUI Class articles?" I have notes from all six sessions of "DUI Class" that I took back in October and November. For those who don't know, those are workshops that you have to take before you can get your license back after having a DUI.

I took notes during all six classes. And the main reason I did that was because I quickly learned that the whole thing is a joke. No, driving under the influence of alcohol isn't a joke. But the classes you have to take after the fact certainly are. 

I have the notes for all six classes. And I've written the actual articles for classes 01-04. Click here to read a small preview of class 01. I haven't written anything for those in months. It's been very emotional to go back and look at that time of my life. It was a very sad, angry period for me. I'm trying to not be that person anymore, so it's been difficult to look at these notes I wrote from a down period in my life.

I don't know. Maybe some additional time passing will better allow me to go back and look at those from a less objective standpoint.

You know, if I actually wrote all of this stuff instead of just talking about it I would probably have a lot of it done by now.

On a final note, I had an article published on a pretty big professional wrestling site, Cageside Seats. It's under the "SB Nation" sports site umbrella. They have a lot of different subsections and wrestling is one of them. A wrestler who was released by WWE last year, JTG, wrote an ebook about his time in the company. He specifically focused on his "heat" aka the times he got in trouble politically. I read it, reviewed it, and got it published. Click here to check that out.

I'll check back with more later.

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