Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thoughts from June 18

When I moved to Princeton in 2001, the first album that 14-year-old Chris Slater bought was Staind's "Break The Cycle." I listened to it a lot over the next year or so and then it became an album that I had and never really thought much of.

I was at the local record store earlier. Yes, those things still exist. And the guy working there asked me if I liked Staind. They had too many copies of "Break The Cycle" and he just gave it to me.

I popped it in and gave it a listen. The nostalgia was there, as I remembered all the songs and what order they went in. And then something different happened. 28-year-old Chris Slater listened to them. That 14-year-old kid didn't understand a song about a girl who doesn't love you anymore, or a song about drug addiction, or any other sorts of problems. 

But, today's version of me got it. And it gave a whole new meaning to everything. And I remember back to a time when I was going through some issues with a girl years ago. I was listening to my favorite album when I was 17. And a 17-year-old doesn't know shit about a failing relationship. But I did. And the words hit me and opened up all of these emotions.

The power of words. The power of music. The power of imagery. It's all amazing.

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