Sunday, May 17, 2015

Norm Macdonald Clip of the Week

This week's Norm Macdonald Clip of the Week was in the news a couple days ago. It was Norm's last appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman and he got very emotional at the end of his set when talking about the influence Letterman had on him.

At the end of this video, Norm talks about the first time he ever saw Letterman perform, when he was 13. He then proceeds to tell his favorite Letterman standup bit and concludes with some poignant words about Letterman's legacy and gets choked up when saying "I love you."

What isn't mentioned here is the huge honor that was bestowed onto Norm. It has long been known that Norm is a favorite guest of the late night hosts. He is irreverent and always has something funny to say. He's not just there to plug something; and even when he is, he is entertaining.

As we got closer to the end of David Letterman's run - which concludes May 20 - the show became more of a nostalgia run. The last couple months have been "greatest hits" shows, as some of Dave's favorite guests have been coming back for one last bit of fun.

So, I wasn't surprised that Norm was on the show a couple months ago. He told a few funny stories and each one had a recurring joke of mentioning his old ABC sitcom "Norm." Each time he mentioned it, he would immediately say "I played Norm."

One joke that Norm made was when he said something to the effect of "This will probably be my last time on your show." Everybody laughed because, of course, it is his last time. There are only a couple months left and you want to give everybody a chance to have one last guest spot.

So, it was a surprise then that Norm was on last week. The final full week of shows. And it was a big show: Oprah was on. A long-running joke from Letterman was trying to interview Oprah. And then it finally happened and it was one of his highest-rated shows ever. And then she's back for one of the last shows. And then there's Norm Macdonald, too.

Standup comedy has always been a huge part of the late night shows. While Johnny Carson wasn't one himself, he loved the art form and routinely made stars out of comics performing on his show. Letterman and Leno were both standup comics (and got their first big breaks on Carson's show) and have always routinely had comics on.

So, not only is Norm Macdonald one of David Letterman's final guests, he is actually the final standup comedy performance on David Letterman's show. What an honor. And Norm knows what an honor that is, which I think is part of the reason he is so emotional at the end.

There have been a few other emotional farewells to Dave from standup comedians. Ray Romano gave one of the sweetest, as he also got choked up talking about Dave's influence in his life. He said that his career wasn't really going so well in 1996 until a guest spot on Dave's show led to "Everybody Loves Raymond." Adam Sandler sang a song for Dave, and while it's very sophomoric and crude at times, it turns into a very sweet and touching moment at the end.

It's very sad to see David Letterman retire. I'll have more on that at a later date. I just wanted to throw out Norm's touching tribute. And, the rest of his jokes are really funny too. We'll close with a link to an article looking back at Norm Macdonald's impression of David Letterman from SNL. The voice and look aren't necessarily important, but that's how Norm works. The mannerisms, the expressions, the way he talks not the way he sounds, it's all perfect Letterman.

Check that out:

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