Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Norm Macdonald Clip of the Week

Norm Macdonald and Conan O'Brien are good friends. Norm has been on all three of Conan's late night shows several times and he is always hilarious. One thing that I have noticed is that Norm is usually the first guest on the show on a particular night and then he will stay and interact with the second guest.

Usually the second guest is somebody who is not a comedian. Either it's a dramatic actor who doesn't have a lot of jokes, a "host" or other TV "personality," or in the case of this week's Norm Macdonald Clip of the week, a professional snowboarder.

When there is a guest who is deemed "uninteresting," it seems like Norm is kept out there as a way to make the segment interesting. Norm will either make fun of the absurdity of it all (like the infamous "Carrot Top" clip) or he'll try and chime in like he's helping, like this interview.

What is especially funny is that Conan acts like he is so angry and bothered by Norm's constant interrupting. But, knowing that Conan is a comedian, he has to secretly love the weirdness of it all.

Had it been Conan interviewing this snowboarder by himself, it wouldn't have been that interesting. She was a "flavor of the week" mini-celebrity based on her X-Games exploits and she didn't have the wherewithal to to have an entertaining back-and-forth in a comedy setting. So, that's where Norm comes in. It's awkward, but it's funny. Without Norm, it would have just been awkward. 

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