Thursday, May 14, 2015

Handle With Care

Randomly mentioned to a friend of mine the other day, "Do you like Roy Orbison?" And the response was basically "Meh?" So, I started talking about his favorite songs of mine and it turned into "Have you heard of the Traveling Wilburys?" And the response was again a "Meh."

Having this history lesson for me and my friend has been good for me. Until just now, this super group of George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Jeff Lynne, has just been something that I knew of and had a passing reference toward. I knew the main songs, but I didn't care much.

And now that I've talked about if with my friend - and a couple others as a result - I've gotten very much into them. One, I've always liked George Harrison. Two, Roy Orbison has an amazing voice. Three, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan are a little grating here, but there are songs where the two of them shine.

This one, especially, - their main commercial song - has had a special place for me. Everybody can relate to this one. At its core, this song is about a man who wants to be loved, but has gone through some issues. He explains his issues, then Roy Orbison comes in with more, then the rest jump in with the chorus. It's a nice song about how you just want to be loved, but you've been through a lot of shit, so "handle with care."

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