Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Musings

That's one of my favorite Stone Temple Pilots songs. I like the meaning behind it.

The weather is getting warmer. I might start riding my bike again. Last spring, I became a vegetarian and started riding my bike a lot. I had a friend ask me if I was doing drugs. I guess the weight loss was kind of sudden. And then I stopped riding my bike and eventually stopped being a vegetarian. And now I look like I did before all of that happened.

I have a picture on my phone of me standing in front of my mirror, shirtless. It was going to be a "Before" picture of my transformation. I never followed up with it and never took the "After" picture, so it's just a random picture I show my friends sometimes.

I have a new best friend. It's the Books-A-Million at the mall. I got my discount card and I've been buying books and shit. It's been fun. As we saw from my last blog post, I have gotten back into comics and have picked up a few graphic novels.

Speaking of comics... Celia and I went to a comic book store in Beckley sometime last week. I was in awe of seeing so many nerdy comic book stereotypes in one room. There was the obese, unkempt proprietor. Just like the one from The Simpsons. We had the guy with the awkward, scraggly goatee and a fedora playing a card game. And there was the guy with the nasally, high-pitched voice explaining the rules of some dice game. 

In hair news: I dyed a portion of my hair pink recently. I don't really know why. It seemed like the thing to do. I have been thinking about getting a hair cut and decided to experiment with it a little bit. People have seemed to like it. I enjoy it.

That's my life for now. I'll be back with more later.

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