Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Unfinished Works: Random Ideas

Here is the latest installment in my "Unfinished Works" series. It is what it says it is: I write down a lot of stuff and some of it never turns into anything. This is where I post a picture of that page of ideas and talk about it a little bit.

Here are some past "Unfinished Works" blog posts:

This is the first Unfinished Works post in 2015. We'll call this one "Random Ideas." These are all basically titles of articles written down on a sheet of yellow paper. I actually wound up writing two of them for Thought Catalog, but the rest have not progressed past being an inkling of something in my head.

I wrote these ideas on that sheet of paper in the summer of 2014. But some of the ideas were actually from 2010, that I had written down in a previous notebook. I thought they would be fun to bring up again.

Here's a rundown of what I wrote, with some explanations:

"10 Biggest News Stories of the Last 10 Years" ... One of my 2010 ideas, I thought it would be fun to explore. But, I never got around to it.

"Surprising bodybuilders who were actually wrestling fans" ... In wrestling, a trend in the 80's and 90's was for bodybuilders who offered nothing but a nice physique to get into wrestling. As wrestling fans got smarter, they began to resent those types of people. And with this list, I was going to look at bodybuilders who actually had that passion and love of wrestling that most didn't. All I had on the list was Dave Batista and Chris Masters. Then I gave up on it.

"Biggest Mistakes" ... A look at some events in professional wrestling that I think were the wrong idea. 

"Mythologizing of bacon" ... It tastes good. But it's not the most amazing thing in the world. Wrapping something in bacon doesn't instantly make it some incredible super food.

"Confessions of a recovering gamer" ... Wrote that one. Click here to read it over at Thought Catalog.

"Amazing shows I've never watched" ... Another Thought Catalog exclusive. Click here to check that one out.

"Biggest music busts of the last decade" & "Biggest acts who became surprisingly popular" ... I wrote this one in 2010 and was going to look at 2000-2009. I wrote out a bunch of bands, but never got around to fleshing it out into something deeper. The biggest one on my "I'm surprised they got that popular" was Nickelback. And then the biggest busts was just a bunch of one-hit wonders that I thought would have bigger careers. Like the Pink Spiders. I figured they would have become big in the pop rock scene.

"Top places to hang out" ... I don't know? I'm sure at the time that seemed like something that made sense. Where? With people? Doing what? Sometimes I get an idea, write it down, then don't remember what it means later.

"Millennials" ... I hate the term. I'm okay with it as a descriptor of a person born within a certain time frame. Like baby boomers and Generation X. The first time I heard the phrase millennial was in 2009. The way they described what a millennial was totally different from what they say now. Basically, the gist of what I wanted to accomplish with this article was point out that anybody using that phrase to describe today's young people has no clue what's going on.

"Things that are actually 'Epic'" ... I just feel like that's an overused word. I was going to list some things that I actually felt were really worthy of being called "epic."

And that is the full list of random ideas there. I'll check back with some more at a later date.

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