Friday, January 9, 2015

Elvis at 80

Elvis Presley, or "The King of Rock and Roll" as the kids called him, would have celebrated his 80th birthday the other day. To commemorate the occasion, Yahoo News released a "25 Facts about Elvis You Didn't Know" article. Click here to see that.

I discovered Elvis when I was a freshman at Concord. Well, I mean, I knew about him for years before that. I had seen a couple of his movies and knew the "famous" songs. I was on the newspaper staff at Concord University. At the time, the campus radio station was in the next room over. So, there were a lot of CD's everywhere; several of them were in The Concordian office. By my second semester on the staff, I noticed that this pile of CD's wasn't moving. Nobody had claimed them and they were just sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

I grabbed the stack of music and took it to my dorm room. One of the albums was the Elvis Presley 30 #1 hits album that was released around 2002 or 2003. It's the one that had the remixed Elvis song that became a minor hit on the radio.

I listened to it and realized that I liked Elvis. I didn't like all of his stuff; just a select few. With that said, here's a list. I enjoy a good list. We'll call this one "8 Elvis songs that I like."

Suspicious Minds ... It builds. It's booming. The music in this song is really good. It has a nice message.

Stuck On You ... A cute love song with some cheesy lyrics. Dave Matthews did a cool cover of this song once.

Return To Sender ... A woman rejects the advances of Elvis. He tries to mail her letters apologizing and she returns them.

Don't Be Cruel ... He has had some issues with women. In this one, Elvis implores this woman he loves to love him back and to not be cruel.

One Night With You ... You can figure out what this one is about.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? ... Kind of a classier version of "One Night." Elvis does a little spoken-word deal in the middle here. I bet those 1950s bitches were swooning. (Click here to see him perform that song live and forget the spoken word part. He starts to laugh and make things up.)

In The Ghetto ... One of his last big hits, and definitely his most political track. It's a tale about a man who grows up into a life of crime as his mother looks on in tears. That man dies. But, the cycle repeats itself because another hungry kid is born in the ghetto to replace him.

Devil In Disguise ... Apparently this wasn't just an issue that the 2015 men have to deal with. We think these ladies are good for us, but oh no they are not.

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