Sunday, January 18, 2015

B-Sides stuff

I like the idea of this Rivers Cuomo album. The lead singer of Weezer had a bunch of demos just sitting around that he had never done anything with. So, he made them into an album and released them to critical acclaim. And he's done a couple more since then.

I kind of did the same thing, albeit on a much (much, much, much) smaller scale. My first book was a collection of writings I had sitting around on my computer collecting figurative dust. And, not to toot my own horn, but some of was pretty good. "Toot my own horn" sounds like a you-fuhh-miz-uhm for masturbation. 

I mentioned in a couple previous posts that volume 02 of the "B-Sides" series is in the works. That is coming along. My laziness is the only thing stopping that from being in your hands right now. 

But, yeah, I have a lot of "B-side" material sitting around. Some of it will go toward other projects, some may make it into a volume 03 or 04 if we get there. A lot of it is stuff that might not go anywhere, ever.

I was thinking about that recently when talking to a friend. Something in my life was brought up and I said "I wrote something about that!" and then sent it to her to read. And I realized that I have all of that stuff and nobody knows about it.

I thought about what would happen to all of my "stuff," for lack of a better term. All of my notebooks of content, all of the finished and unfinished documents on my two computers. I have documents written in my current phone and my old one I never got rid of. There is just so much stuff spread out over so many areas.

I'm slowly working on a plan to write out what to do with all my stuff in case some sort of freak accident happens to me. I was going to tell that to my friend, but the day before I had been in a really bad mood, like a "Woe is me, the world is stupid" kind of deal. I thought if I told her, "So here's what to start doing with my stuff if something happens..." would have been a little melodramatic. 

I like to be really morbid sometimes. Some people think stuff like that is funny and some really don't. I had a conversation with Ashley once and I jokingly said "I think the best thing to happen to me would be to get hit by a bus or something." She was shocked and my reasoning didn't help any: "Everybody would only remember the good and forget about how lazy I am. They would say 'He had so much potential!' and everybody would pretend like they were my best friend."

But, I digress. The point is I plan on living for a while and there's a lot of stuff I've written that nobody has ever seen.

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