Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bray Wyatt: one of the most compelling characters in wrestling

One of the coolest theme songs in wrestling right now is that of Bray Wyatt. I think the reason for that is because it's a real song. Somebody in a board room didn't say, "Here's this character, he needs some sounds to happen when he's walking to the ring." Bray Wyatt found the song a few years ago, "Broken Out In Love," by Mark Crozer and the Rels, and made it his entrance music.

The video above is from WrestleMania 30. For big events, WWE will occasionally feature live performances by a band if they can make it work out for their wrestlers. Sometimes it's planned out in advance - Mark Crozer and the Rels announced sometime in February that they were performing at WrestleMania in April. For WrestleMania 29, WWE realized that Living Colour - who performs CM Punk's theme - would be in New York the same weekend as WM29 just a few weeks before the event, so they put something together quickly.

For those who don't know, Bray Wyatt is a 3rd generation wrestler. His real name is Windham Rotunda. His father is Mike Rotunda, who had some fame in the early 90s WWE as "Irwin R. Schyster" aka "IRS." His uncle is Barry Windham, a famous member of the Four Horsemen. His grandfather is Blackjack Mulligan, a member of the famous "Blackjacks" tag team from the 70s.

Bray Wyatt is one of the most compelling characters in wresting. He doesn't necessarily do "wrestling promos," i.e. "I'm gonna kick your ass." He talks about real things: corruption, politics, being held down in life. I feel like it could resonate to a real audience, not just wrestling fans.

Below is Bray's last appearance in NXT. That's basically WWE's "developmental system." People get their characters in order there, they train, they learn, etc. Then when they're ready to be "WWE Superstars" they leave NXT and appear on "Raw" and "SmackDown."

He was so charismatic that the NXT audience turned him into a good guy. As he gives his farewell address, the crowd cheers him as he gives a passionate promo about chasing your dreams and facing your fears. As a sidenote, the wrestling match featured in the beginning is only 30 seconds long, so that's not too much to get through.

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