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B-Sides one-year anniversary

December 7, 2013 my first ebook, "B-Sides: rarities and unreleased works, vol. 01" was published. Below is the press release I wrote about it and also a podcast where I talked about the writing process.

Chris Slater's first book has been published

Episode 07: B-Sides and snow

So, for the one-year anniversary, I am offering a special deal:

The book retails for $3.99 but for December 7 - 11, "B-Sides, vol. 01" will be free. Zero dollars. No cost to you at all. Zilch. Nada. Other words that mean zero. You get the idea.

"How do I purchase this book?" Great question. Let me take you through it.

You need either a Kindle reading device or the free Kindle app. You can download the app on your iPhone, iPad, android phone or tablet, and also your computer. 

You create an Amazon account. If you have ever purchased anything from Amazon, you already have one. Enter in your credit card information if you're creating your account. Even though it's free, you're still technically "buying" it.

Search "Chris Slater B-Sides" or click the following link:

Buy the book. It's that simple. You can even write a review of it if you're so inclined. Two people have so far, one of whom was me.

It's a short read. Most people have told me they needed a little over an hour to finish it. Nothing too crazy. It's a collection of stories I didn't know what to do with; my "B-Sides" to steal a music term. [Back when musicians would release a single on a record, you could put another song on the other side so the main track was the "A-side" and the other became the "B-side." It eventually morphed to mean songs that an artist had that were not put on an album for some reason. They would occasionally release them as a single or a full b-sides album.]

The way the book is set up, there is an introduction explaining why I made this book. Then there is each article, with a brief explanation as to why I never did anything with it before. Some of them were not completed, some I didn't like the tone, etc and so forth. Included in the book is:

Introduction ... Exactly what it is.

My Night In Jail (2013) ... Original piece I wrote for the book. If you read the blog, you've read this one.

Monday Nights (2011) ... Article looking at how I would ask off for work on Mondays so I could watch wrestling. And what inevitably happened when my friends found out.

Marijuana (2011) ... A crazy tale of debauchery involving me and two of my friends. Alcohol, marijuana, a strip club, a cocaine dealer's girlfriend, this one has it all.

Agassi Book Review (2011) ... I started writing a review of tennis player's Andre Agassi's autobiography. But I never finished it, so this is just what I wrote. 

Crits, The Hamster (2012) ... My hamster died, so I decided to write a blog about it. Crits, short for "critter," was a joint pet between myself and a former girlfriend. I began writing about the death of Crits, but it morphed into a look at the death of that relationship. It was too emotional for me to post at the time, so I did nothing with it.

Untitled Pizza Hut Blog (2013) ... Started to write about working at Pizza Hut and how rude customers affected me. I was angry when I was writing it and realized I wasn't making a good point, so I never finished it. I posted a line from this story on Facebook that made fun of WVU football fans; it got quite a heated reaction.

Thanksgiving Blog (2008) ... Went to my grandpa's house for Thanksgiving Break. There was no Internet access, so I planned to "live blog" my week and then post it when I got back to Concord. When I got back, I got really sick (which is very rare for me) and wrote about that instead. Time passed and the Thanksgiving blog was no longer relevant.

Unpublished Concordian Article (2013) ... I went back to school during the fall 2013 semester. I was basically a decade older than the freshmen. I was reflecting back on what went wrong with me and school. I penned a letter to the editor of Concord's newspaper that basically used me as a "Don't become this guy" example. They didn't publish it. I don't know why as I never asked. I don't know if it got lost in the spam folder or if they thought it was "too dark," which is one complaint I got from a person I let read it. I talked about drugs, I talked about laziness, I talked about suicidal thoughts. I talked about real shit that happens when you waste a decade of your life.

Poetry (2002 - 2011) ...  Back before I had blogging and tweeting and whatnot as my creative outlets, I used to write a lot of poetry. I started in 2002 and wrote a lot until I went to college in 2004. I wrote a couple here and there over the years, with the last being in 2011. I include a few in the book.

Mr. H (2012) ... A little bit of fiction writing. I never showed anybody this at the time because you could very obviously tell that it's about me. "Mr. H" is a rude customer at a restaurant and "Joe" is the guy who waits on him. It's about me and how much I hated working at Outback Steakhouse. Then it takes a dark turn. I like it.

Then I have a little epilogue thing at the end thanking some people who inspired me to write and those who looked over the book for me. And that's "B-Sides: rarities and unreleased works, vol. 01" for anybody curious.

My thoughts on it, if I'm being honest: it's okay. I think it's a solid collection. The DUI story, the unpublished Concordian letter, and Mr. H are the strongest in the book. I like the emotion of the Crits piece, but it's a little odd as I meant for it to be a blog post so it's written like that. But I do really like that one as well. I was reviewing "Monday Night Raw" for a wrestling website, and had to work one Monday, so I wrote the piece about asking off to watch wrestling. It's lighthearted; although, there is a wrestling joke at the end that casual fans won't understand.

Is it worth $3.99 to read? Yes. I don't think you would be disappointed if you paid full price for it. So, I think zero dollars for this five-day "one year anniversary" sale is a great deal.

Check it out, see if you like it. If you like it, the next "B-Sides" volume will be out in the next month or so. If you don't like it, let me know. I would really like to hear from both sides here.

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