Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Words

Wore a scarf today. That wasn't very fun. Well, the feeling of the fabric on my neck was okay. Maybe even slightly enjoyable. But, the reason for it was not a good one. It's getting chilly. I don't like the cold weather.

I need a pair of those gloves with the special fingertips that let you still use your phone.

I've been trying to write a piece that is due November 1 for over a month now. I am at 57 words. One of my problems is that I work best under pressure. And lately there has been no pressure in my life, so I have had no extra incentive to be creative.

Ya know, just floating through life.

I got a new tattoo the other day. Technically, it's not an original idea at all, as a simple Google search will show tons of the same tattoo. But, in my day-to-day life, I have yet to run into a person who looked at it and went "Oh, I know what that is." Well, one person sort of did.

It's a piece called "Flowers In The Attic" by a guy named Jason Byron Nelson. I've really liked this image for a long time and had been thinking for the last week or so about getting it tattooed on me. It's a person who shoots herself in the head and butterflies emerge out of the explosion.

From reading all five of Mick Foley's books, I've noticed that "juxtaposition" is one of his favorite words. And for good reason, as it's a fun one. What I like about the tattoo is the juxtaposition of the grisly, morbid act with the beauty that comes from it.

I sometimes feel like I have so much stuff in my head; all of these wonderful quips and ideas and other words that mean "words." And it's hard to get them out of my head and onto something readable.

Sometimes you have to go to the extreme and blow them out of your skull so that others can see them. And that's what this tattoo means to me.

An odd note: I realized a couple hours after getting that tattoo done that I now have tattoos of a head without a body (smiley face) and a body without a head.

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