Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Rumblings

I really like Bush. And the band isn't bad either. See what I did there? Vaginas.

I can't stand people who see a cat and make some sort of "pussy" joke. It just doesn't come across as clever to me. I don't think I like the word "pussy" as a whole. As a hole? See what I kind of did there? I don't like "tits" as a descriptor for breasts. I think that's mostly because of the ladies who prefer that word: it's usually fat girls with tight shirts showing a lot of cleavage going "My tits look good tonight!" Makes me cringe.

Once, I was out with a group of people. A mixture of guys and gals. A couple of the females were comparing their cleavage-baring shirts. One, in particular, was extreme. She made some comment about the shirt and apparently had a nickname for it. Basically, this was the shirt this lady wore when she wanted The D.

As the night wound down and people began coupling off, this lady and I wound up in her car on the way to my apartment. We pull into my driveway and make small-talk. At the point when I'm supposed to invite her inside, I instead say "Well, I'll see you later" and get out of her car. I just wanted that shirt to not work for her one time.

Does that make me a bad person? I think it makes me a good person. Man of the Year, to reference a mid 2000's Robin Williams movie I wanted to see until I walked into my dorm room and caught my roommate watching the ending. Oh well.

* * *

A few quick hits:

I was walking down the street earlier and saw a car pull over. The driver got out, walked to the trunk, opened it and got out a bottle of Bud Light, then walked back to his seat like it was no big deal. It was 4 p.m. in broad daylight. 

I met a guy for the first time the other night. We were going to a party. He casually dropped the "n-word" at one point. We were talking about a predominately black area of town, so I let it slide. Maybe he was making a joke that didn't work? By the end of the night I had lost count of how many times he said it. Most people usually hide their racism or homophobia until the second or third time around new people. Not this guy.

October is breast cancer awareness month. My favorite part of this month is seeing NFL stars add pink to their uniforms. I wish they did that for the entire season. The WWE does the same thing.

I'll probably explore this more in the future, but for right now it's a sentence or two. When I had my first job at 18, I knew a girl that was 10 years older than me; we had the same birthday but 10 years apart. I was naive and kind of wondered what she was still doing at a shitty job at 28. I wonder if the 18-year-old kids I work with think the same thing about me?

I'm still a vegetarian. I've cheated a couple times, though. When I do cheat, I try to make it something special. I had never eaten a Big Mac before, so I did that for the first time. Not too bad, I guess. That's why I can't be a food reviewer. It used to drive Candace crazy when we would go out to restaurants that she would review and ask me how my food was. "It was okay."

Volume 02 of my B-Sides e-book series is in the planning stages. Figuring out what content I have and how it will be structured. Hopefully it will be released in the next couple months.

All for now. I'll be back with more in the future. 

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