Thursday, October 16, 2014

Episode 29: Marriage Equality

Episode 29 of the podcast is live. This one starts out on an odd note: I swallow a gnat during the opening seconds. I begin talking and see a gnat fly around my face. I breathe in and the gnat gets sucked into my mouth and down my throat.

The big topic this week is about marriage equality. The LGBTQQA crowd can now legally get married in the state of West Virginia. I give my thoughts on marriage and look at this. Then I read a list of people's Facebook comments they posted. There's some ignorance there.

I give a status update on the next B-Sides book in my series and when I should be publishing volume two. I announce the stories that I have queued up for volume two and let you know which ones are finished and which aren't.

While we're here, I'll throw out some links to things I've written lately. 

It's mostly articles from the Beckley Register-Herald. Writing about football isn't the dream, but such is the life of a freelancer. I don't consider myself a sports writer, so I don't write like one. I don't write about a football game, I write about an event that happened and get reactions from people. The event just happens to be a football game. I think my style works.

Beckley Register-Herald:

Wyoming East at Westside

Nicholas County at Wyoming East

Summers County at Wyoming East

Independence at Midland Trail

Westside at Independence

Valley at Meadow Bridge

Wyoming East at PikeView

Thought Catalog:

A Friend Of Mine Was Arrested For Sexually Abusing A Minor ... The title says it all. A guy I worked with and had known since 2012 was arrested for doing some unspeakable acts to his girlfriend's son. I try to process that in the best way I know how; which is to write about it.

* * *

And that's everything for this week. Episode 30 is coming up, and I'll try to have something special planned for that interesting number. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc about the podcast feel free to let me know.