Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Video Podcast Saturday

I have been doing my podcast since late 2013. I have had the idea for it for a lot longer than that. One of the biggest fans of it was my friend Eric Proffit. Around May, June-ish we discussed the idea of collaborating for a video podcast. For the longest time, it was nothing serious, just an idea that we would occasionally talk about. We live about an hour apart and have lives, so it's hard to network on this properly.

Around the beginning of the summer, the stars randomly aligned for a video podcast. He was in town and I was down the street, so I walked down with my equipment and we made it happen. That was episode 20. That was more of an experiment just to see if it would work. We just interviewed the guy whose house we were at. We had nothing planned; we made a crude set and I had no questions planned out. Plus, we were all drunk. But, it worked and it's out there for people to see.

A short personal story to set up the rest of this: my mom and father ended their relationship when I was about a year old. I didn't see him again until I was 10. By that point, he had gotten married and had two daughters; my half sisters. I saw them semi-regularly and we all had a good relationship. Then I moved to Princeton when I was 14. Didn't see them again until I was 17. And, that was the last time. I'm now 28.

I have reconnected over the last few years with my step mom and two half sisters, Alyssa & Emma, on Facebook and Twitter and SnapChat and whatnot. Around the time Alyssa graduated from high school I realized that the decade was approaching and it got me thinking: "It would be cool to interview her."

Back to the video podcast story: Eric and I had talked about taking a video podcast road trip; taking one day and getting several interviews. If you get on the interstate here and basically travel in a straight line, you pass Beckley, Charleston, and ultimately Ripley, which is where Alyssa lives. So, I realized we could interview her on the video podcast and get a couple more along the way.

We tried for a day in mid-July, but it didn't work out for a couple people that we wanted to talk to. It eventually happened on Saturday, August 23. We were ultimately only able to get three interviews instead of the four or five we were shooting for. But, it works.

We started in Princeton with Rocky Seay. He is a friend from college and we told funny stories and then talked about what he's doing now. We then drove to Charleston and spoke to Steven Adams, a friend of a friend, about state politics and other fun stuff. Then we drove to Ripley and interviewed my sister.

Below are a couple videos. The first is after we left Steven's apartment and were on our way to Ripley. I also posted a couple pictures of me and Eric on Facebook from that day.

Since we did three interviews, I brought three different shirts with me, as I mention in the video. I also talk about how I wear the same shorts in all three and that I think you can see that in the interviews. Oh well. Trivia: those are the shorts I wore when I spent a night in jail. You can read all about that in my book.

The second video is after we arrive in Ripley. Admittedly, it was a little awkward at first seeing everybody for the first time in a decade. But, we relaxed a little bit, had a few (or several) beers, and this video is of that. Eric shoots a video on my phone of us having a refreshing beverage.

I wrote in a previous blog about the video podcast that I probably wouldn't be drunk during future interviews. I very carefully chose that word "probably" because I knew the odds were good that drinks would flow during another interview at some point. So, if you wanna hear me interview my sister when I'm drunk, you're in luck.

Eric and I are also attempting to put together a small documentary about the trip. I'll update everybody on that as I receive updates. Right now, Eric has the three interviews and is doing whatever he does to make them available for you to view. I'll keep everybody in the loop about them.

If anybody has questions or comments, feel free to get them to me.

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