Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Podcast Index, 16-26

I've been gaining some new podcast followers lately, so I figured I would create a spot to find all of my latest episodes. Below is each episode, followed by a brief synopsis. Click here to see episodes 01 through 10.

Episode 16: Class of 2004 Reunion ... I interview the valedictorian of my graduating high school class, in anticipation of our 10-year reunion. I made some people from the class of 2004 mad with my comments about thinking the activities were lame and expressing my desire to not see certain people.

Episode 17: Friends then and now ... I talk about moving back in with my mom and read a humorous Thought Catalog article I wrote about the topic. I talk about the episode 16 controversy and play a one-minute interview I recorded with a friend at a bar. A few friends and myself recorded a nine-minute professional wrestling podcast in 2009. I play that and talk about how we're not really friends anymore and how that sucks. One friend did reach out to me after hearing the podcast.

Episode 18: Wendy Holdren ... Roller Derby has become one of the most popular sports for women in America. I talk to one of my friends who used to play, before injuries sidelined her derby career. We were also on Concord University's newspaper staff together and we talk about my role in helping her develop as a student journalist.

Episode 19: Small-town mentality ... People have enjoyed this one for two reasons: 1) my interview with Bobby and 2) the recording of me smoking pot. I saw an older man walking down the street picking up cans and pushing a shopping cart. I interview him about how that's his source of income and take a look at his life. I very rarely smoke marijuana, but I did one night. I got paranoid, walked away from my friends and recorded myself talking about it.

Episode 20: Steve Hall [video podcast] ... My first attempt at a video podcast, with my friend Eric Proffit filming. We had talked about doing a video podcast for a while. This night, he happened to be in town and we had our equipment. Nothing here is planned; we just decided to do it, set it up, and I interviewed Steve with no questions thought out beforehand. It's okay for what it is.

Episode 21: Worst Summer Ever ... I talk about issues in my life that have happened this summer and how I'm trying to recover from it. I go on a little editorial about women who marry men with money and become lazy housewives. I close with some audio taken from a friend's acoustic concert.

Episode 22: Kelen Conley ... I interview Morgantown-based rapper Kelen "B-Hyphen" Conley. We talk about what got him into hip hop music, the recent release of his first CD, and how he juggles all of that with his recent marriage and new child. Good look at the person behind the rap persona.

Episode 23: Washington Redskins ... For this topic, I decided to do a sort of debate over the issue of the NFL team name. I interviewed two people, one on each side of the debate and play them back-to-back. First up is Mike Stanton, a die-hard Redskins fan and former Concord student journalist. He talks about the connotations of pride and winning cultures that the name represents. After he's done, I speak with Johnnie Jae, a Native American lady based in Oklahoma. She talks about how the name is a racial slur and needs to be changed.

Episode 24: Placeholder Podcast ... Collection of topics. I talk about my new tattoo & include a 5-minute interview with the artist, while he's giving the the tattoo. I look at the issue 23 debate and give my thoughts on the Washington NFL team name. Social media and how it affects friendships is discussed, specifically with how I'm now friends with Johnnie from episode 23, despite never having met her. I talk about drunk texting and how I need to stop, which leads into my thoughts on SnapChat. I close with a story about a guy trying to pick me up at a bar, how I handled it, and how I would have handled it in hindsight.

Episode 25: Religion ... I interview Matt Belcher, an acquaintance from college who turned his life over to God about a year ago. I dig into what led Matt to make this switch and how it has changed his life. I also get his controversial thoughts on evolution and homosexuals. 

Episode 26: 10-year reunion ... I attended part of my 10-year high school reunion. I look at what I liked and didn't like about it, including a funny story involving a guy in cowboy boots. I give my thoughts on the recent passing of Robin Willams and list my favorite & least-favorite movies of his. All that, plus an update on the future of the video podcast and I talk about the poorly-received joke I recently posted on Facebook.

There is a lot more coming up soon. I have some more interviews lined up for the regular podcast, plus a few video podcast interviews slated for the future. If anybody has any questions, concerns, comments, etc about any aspect of my podcast feel free to comment here or on Facebook.

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