Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Episode 20: Steve Hall [video podcast]

One of the biggest fans of my podcast since the beginning has been my good friend, Eric Proffit. We have talked about collaborating on a creative project for a while; we just needed the right stars to align. A video podcast had been something we had discussed before and was something we wanted to explore. We live about an hour apart and have full-time jobs and lives, so it's not like we can just get together and do something. 

Memorial Day weekend, the stars aligned. He was in town and we all got together at a friend's house. Eric told me he had his camera with him, so I made sure to bring my podcasting equipment. You never know when things like that will happen. I've randomly recorded interviews on 3 different podcasts. You always need to be prepared.

Eric and I were talking about what we could do and how to make it work. While all of that was going on, one of Steve Hall's kids woke up and started crying. He stopped what he was doing and went to calm her down. I thought it was cool to see that happen, so we now had a person to interview and a subject to talk about.

Eric hastily created a set in Steve's kitchen, as there were other people in the living room. I sat down with just a vague idea of what we were going to talk about. Steve sat down with no idea what was going on. Eric sat down to film.

What we came up with isn't perfect, but I like it. For what it is: the two of us saying "Let's interview Steve" and then doing it a few minutes later, I think it's pretty good. Plus, we were both kind of drunk. I'll go ahead an apologize for not holding the microphone close enough to Steve's face at certain points, which makes it hard to hear him.

The plan for the future of the video podcast is still up in the air. We're talking about people we would like to interview and working out times to make that possible. I could see doing a video podcast once every month or every couple weeks if we can work it out. As long as it's fun and easy, why not do it?

For the future, you can expect better sound quality, a better background for the interviews, and I probably won't be drunk on the video podcast anymore. Stick with us and we'll make it a lot better for you.

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