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Live tweeting The Warrior

If you want to read a straight-up review of the new Ultimate Warrior 3-disk collection, my pal Eric over at Camel Clutch Blog already has that covered here - I wanted to share with you my off-the-cuff, straight-from-the-heart, non-censored thoughts on the Ultimate Warrior DVD. I popped in disk 01 the other night, pulled out my iPhone, and proceeded to “live tweet” all three disks. Below are those tweets. File this one under hashtag “long read.” 

From @chris_slater

Watching the #UltimateWarrior 3-disk #WWE dvd match collection. Warrior's new interview is especially poignant now. 

Watched a "Blade Runners" match on the Mid-South DVD. Showing more here. Sting & Warrior. That's how you book some monsters. 

Bill Watts, on commentary describing Warrior: "He picked him up like he was nothin.' Dropped him like a sack of puh-tate-uhs." 

Told the story of the "Dingo Warrior" name. Discussed the resemblance to Kerry Von Erich as the reason he became big in WCCW. 

Odd hearing #UltimateWarrior say "Sports Entertainment." Decent set of interviews between the matches on this disk. 

Squash match against Barry Horowitz. Bobby Heenan: "He's had to work on that body all his life. So he's never had a job or education." 

"He can't spell or read or write, but he looks really good." - Bobby Heenan, on #UltimateWarrior  

Squash match against @brawlerreal. Jesse Ventura, on #UltimateWarrior: "Why the face paint? Because he's a warrior?" #wwe 

Interesting 3-man commentary team for this match: Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura, Bruno Sammartino. #wwe #UltimateWarrior 

"There's such a nostalgia for characters from those days. It's because the characters were allowed to create themselves." - #UltimateWarrior 

Uncensored "god damn it" from #UltimateWarrior. He was quoting Arnold Skoaland, so I guess it wasn't his own "GD." 

Cool selection of matches. Warrior talked about how #wwe was finally seeing him as somebody, then we go to #UltimateWarrior vs Harley Race. 

Harley Race just did the @TripleH "whipped over the top rope" spot. #wwe #UltimateWarrior 

Awesome match between #UltimateWarrior and Harley Race. Shows how great Race was, even at the end of his career. #wwe 

"Looking back now, being older. Older, not old." - #UltimateWarrior 

Bobby Heenan totally buried Warrior in the 2005 DVD. Here, #UltimateWarrior gives Heenan props for taking bumps at his age. 

Although, Heenan buried #UltimateWarrior so hard that it bordered on parody. Like, you couldn't believe that Heenan disliked him that much. 

2005 DVD only featured clips of the #UltimateWarrior vs Bobby Heenan "weasel suit" match. This one is showing the full thing. #wwe 

It's actually a pretty good match, with Heenan bumping everywhere and cheating w/ a foreign object. #UltimateWarrior #wwe 

Sean Mooney: "How do ya think Warrior got the measurements for Heenan in this suit?" Monsoon: "I guess he got one that's short and fat." 

Saw some recent pictures of Bobby Heenan. He's been struggling with mouth cancer and its effects since 2001. Sad to see. 

The ultimate irony is that cancer has robbed Bobby Heenan of his ability to speak, which he did better than just about anybody. 

Everybody has seen the #SummerSlam match where #UltimateWarrior wins the IC belt in 45 seconds. Here we have a rematch w/ @OfficialHTM. #wwe 

Wow. Upper balcony area of this arena for #UltimateWarrior vs HTM rematch is empty. Today's #wwe would never allow that to show up on camera 

Title vs Title match. #wwe World Champ Randy Savage vs #UltimateWarrior. In the months before @WrestleMania 5. Savage had turned heel. 

Savage would go on to lose his title to Hulk Hogan. #UltimateWarrior would lose to Rick Rude, then win it back. Then WM6 would happen. 

Looks like #UltimateWarrior was supposed to catch Savage on a cross body. Stumbled a little bit and became an awkward power slam. #wwe 

I'll take 80s short trunks Macho Man over 90s gaudy cowboy hat Macho Man any day. 

Little dig by #UltimateWarrior about @BretHart being a "belt mark." He then comments about how he didn't need a belt to "be ultimate." 

Hogan and Savage have rightly been credited w/ having amazing matches w/ #UltimateWarrior. Rick Rude needs to be recognized as well. 

#UltimateWarrior spoke very highly of Rick Rude on the DVD. Said he was focused and had great ideas. 

For decades now, my biggest criticism of #UltimateWarrior has been how he holds a championship title. 

Nice segment w/ #UltimateWarrior giving thanks to "jobbers," who he puts over as really helping make himself and several other wrestlers. 

"There will be people saying 'Boy, he took it seriously.' It was serious, becoming that character every night." - #UltimateWarrior 

Just heard a great Andre the Giant promo. That's rare. He wasn't known for his verbiage. It was 20 seconds and he spoke slowly. 

In Andre's defense, English was his 2nd language and he didn't need to speak for probably the first 15 years of his career. 

Jesse Ventura: "Now he's even painting his pecs?" Vince McMahon: "Hahaha and what a set of pecs on him!" #UltimateWarrior #wwe 

Somebody should have talked to Andre the Giant about those sideburns he had at the end of his career… 

In the 2005 DVD, they put over how much Andre didn't like #UltimateWarrior. In Warrior's defense, apparently Andre didn't like anybody. 

#UltimateWarrior speaks highly of Andre, saying the giant wouldn't do anything he didn't want to do, so he appreciated beating him. 

Howard Finkel introduced him as "Andre the Ultimate Giant" and the announcers referenced him as such. #UltimateWarrior #wwe 

Had his tenure w/ #wwe not been so tumultuous, I believe #UltimateWarrior body slamming Andre would have been presented as a bigger deal. 

Two Andre vs #UltimateWarrior matches included. One 15 second squash and one longer. Andre bleeding from the mouth in match 2. 

Beating Andre the Giant ends disk 01. Part 02 begins with build to @WrestleMania 6. #UltimateWarrior 

Go to @YouTube and search for Scott Hall and Larry Zbyszko watching Warrior/Hogan and doing commentary over the match. Pretty good. 

Showing the "Airplane" promo in its entirety. In the 2005 DVD, they had Christian make fun of it and do his impression. #UltimateWarrior 

Warrior mentioned that prior @WrestleMania builds featured one of Hogan's buddies turning on him. "But they couldn't do that with me." 

#UltimateWarrior vs Mr. Perfect in the weeks before @WrestleMania 6. They could have included matches like this in the 2005 DVD. 

Roddy Piper on commentary during #UltimateWarrior vs Ted DiBiase: "This ain't no Milli Vanilli song, this is the real deal." #wwe 

Watching more of disk 03 of the #UltimateWarrior DVD. @WrestleMania 7 vs Macho Man. Arguably, Warrior's best match ever. #wwe 

#UltimateWarrior said that if Randy Savage didn't want warrior to pin him with a foot on his chest, then it wouldn't have happened. #wwe 

Memorable spot in this match where Macho Man hits 5 elbow drops from the top rope. And #UltimateWarrior still kicks out. #wwe #WrestleMania 

After Savage hit the 5th elbow drop, #UltimateWarrior said something to him, but I couldn't make it out. #wwe #WrestleMania 

I like that #wwe didn't cut away right after #UltimateWarrior won. They showed the full Macho Man and Elizabeth reconciliation. 

Truly one of the great moments in wrestling. There are legitimately people in the audience crying. Just a happy moment. 

The cameras did close ups of 5 different grown adults crying at the sight of Macho Man and Elizabeth getting back together. #wwe 

One of my first wrestling memories up next: #UltimateWarrior getting trapped in a casket by #TheUndertaker. Legit scared me at 5 years old. 

#UltimateWarrior vs #TheUndertaker went to a no contest. One of the agents to come pull them apart was George the Animal Steele. #wwe 

#UltimateWarrior vaguely talked about leaving #wwe for the first time, then showed clips from the WM8 press conference after the event. 

Now we have a face-to-face interview btwn Warrior & Savage conducted by Gene Okerlund. Prior to their horrible SummerSlam title match. 

Flair interfered in that match. Then Flair beat Savage for the #wwe championship, then lost it to Bret Hart for his first title victory. 

Ric Flair interrupts the promo. "Warrior, I've been beatin' up people in face paint my whole career. I specialize in it." #wwe 

Flair wrote in his book about hitting his head after getting thrown by #UltimateWarrior & experiencing bad equilibrium problems for a while. 

#UltimateWarrior talks about learning a lot from Macho Man in the "Ultimate Maniacs" tag team. 

So far, they have mentioned leaving the #wwe twice & #UltimateWarrior has yet to mention why he left at any point. 

Has anybody ever asked #UltimateWarrior about having a tattoo of himself on his right arm? #wwe 

"So I called up Vince and said 'eff off' or whatever it was that I said." #UltimateWarrior discussing 1996 contract negotiations. 

"Linda called and asked if I'd meet with her. I wouldn't have gone back if it wasn't for Linda." #UltimateWarrior on his 1996 #wwe return. 

#UltimateWarrior DVD contains a promo exchange w/ @Goldust. Goldust wants to play super heroes and climb onto warrior's back. #wwe 

Warrior vs Lawler match is included. On the 2005 dvd, Jerry said that this was not a good match and their styles didn't gel. #wwe 

Lawler walking to the ring making fun of audience members before the match just made my night. Heel King was a master on the mic. #wwe 

Lawler: "Look at her face. It's women like you that turn men into... people like @Goldust." #wwe 

Owen Hart doing commentary during this match w/ JR and Vince. #UltimateWarrior #wwe 

In the 2005 DVD, Hogan talks about how bad and rambling the #UltimateWarrior debut WCW promo was. Showing it in its entirety here. 

Crowd chants "Hogan Sucks!" #UltimateWarrior replies: "Let's talk about something he doesn't already know." 

The Disciple is in the ring with Hogan. #UltimateWarrior says, "Who is he? This must be your barber." Heenan cracks up on commentary. 

And yeah, this #UltimateWarrior promo has run a little long. I'd imagine people probably switched over to see what #wwe #raw was doing. 

I didn't care for the supernatural elements of the #UltimateWarrior WCW run. Disappearing in a cloud of smoke and whatnot. 

#UltimateWarrior: "They used Ted Turner's checkbook to buy me to come back to wrestling to lose a match to Hulk." 

#UltimateWarrior closes the DVD by saying that you're finally hearing the full story, but that this was just the beginning. 

And, no, it was not. It was the end of the #UltimateWarrior story. It's good that he and his fans got this kind of closure.

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