Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Episode 18: Wendy Holdren

About three weeks ago, I was thinking of podcast ideas and I noticed that roller derby had become really popular with a lot of my friends on Facebook. I didn't know much about the sport and after talking to a couple friends I realized that they didn't know a lot either.

A podcast about roller derby would then be on the agenda. My friend from days past at Concord University, Wendy Holdren, had been a participant and I figured she would be a good speaker on the subject. I pulled my phone out and sent her a text: "Hey. Would you like to be on my podcast sometime in the next couple weeks to talk about roller derby?" Her response: "Who is this?"

After we confirmed who I was, she agreed. We set it up and had a nice chat on the phone.

I recorded a little piece that airs before the interview setting everything up. It was a nice day, so I recorded it outside. As such, you can hear some "outside noises" at various points. The oddest noise is actually the moment you hit play. I'm assuming it's some combination of a car and a bird making sounds at the same time. It's interesting, so I kept it in.

As I mention in the intro, I had turned the recorder on and whenever we finished talking we were going to actually begin the interview. After I listened to it all, with the informal chat included, I realized that I liked it so I decided to keep it in. So, in addition to the regular interview, you get to hear about a couple mutual friends we have involved in roller derby and then you get to hear Wendy's (very indirect) role in the podcast being called "Communication Breakdown."

Topics discussed include:

- What Wendy and I were doing on August 18, 2007

- Wendy's thoughts on Concord University

- How the student newspaper, The Concordian, prepared Wendy for "real life"

- Mine and Wendy's biggest mistakes ever printed in the newspaper

- Wendy's favorite thing to write in The Concordian

- My role in helping Wendy become a better journalist

- Who got her involved in roller derby and how

- Reactions of her family and friends to being involved

- The minor injuries, bumps and bruises, associated with roller derby

- Her reaction to breaking both of her ankles

All that and more is included in episode 18 of Communication Breakdown. Let me know what you think. If you have any idea for future topics, feel free to let me know.

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