Friday, April 25, 2014

Episode 17: Friends then and now

Latest episode of the podcast is up and running! This go-round, I'm all by myself discussing a few things going on my life. Topics discussed include:

- moving back in with my mom, why I'm doing it, and I read the Thought Catalog article I wrote looking at pros & cons

- basically being roommates with a cat, why my mom has named 5 cats the same name over the years, and a story about the time this cat nearly killed my mom

- a little bit of controversy about the last episode of my podcast; some people did not like some of the things that were said, and I look at why that can be a good thing

- an interview that lasts one minute and six seconds with Joseph Streeby is played; he talks about what he likes and dislikes about the podcast

- my core group of friends is gone and I look at the issues that has caused in my life

- I recorded a professional wrestling podcast in 2009 with a couple friends and I play that 8-minute clip to close the podcast out

All that and more. Well, not really. That's about it. But, it's fun to listen to. The podcast that we recorded in 2009 was a nice trip down memory lane. 

As a disclaimer, I will say that one of my friends says a homosexual slur and we laugh. Times have changed and words that we didn't think much of back then aren't really cool now. So, just keep in mind that it's a different time and era. He also makes another gay joke that I actually think is hilarious. When referring to wrestler John Cena, this same guy says "John Cena lot of dicks." That kind of joke is funny.

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