Wednesday, April 23, 2014


One of my favorite Limp Bizkit lyrics is from their critically-acclaimed, but poorly-selling 2003 album: "Put on my head... phones, listen to the Def... Tones."

I thought LB's 2003 "Results May Vary" album was pretty good. It sounded nothing like what they had released earlier (or since) and it didn't go over well with fans. I kind of compare it to what the Red Hot Chili Peppers did with their "BloodSugarSexMagik" album; went from heavy rap/funk to a more mellow, singing style. And, Limp Bizkit tried to do that, toning down the rapping and made things slower and easier to listen to.

RHCP got away with it because their new style was what really made them popular. They probably had a lot of fans from the 80s who hated "Under the Bridge" and wanted their old style back, but the mainstream jumped onto them and they stuck with it. With Limp Bizkit, they had broken into the mainstream with their "Nu Metal" style, so when they tried to change it the majority of their fans revolted against it and they didn't pick up enough new fans to justify the style change.

File that under "Things nobody cared about."

* * *

To follow the theme... I'm trying to change a lot of aspects of my life. 

I guess I'm struggling with addiction issues. Or, I guess I'm struggling with unhappiness issues. It's easier to chemically alter your mood than to address your lingering issues. So, that's what I tend to do.

I've been trying not to go out to bars. I've been avoiding friends who I think are bad influences. I've just been trying to live a healthier life.

Nobody's perfect and I have occasionally slipped. A couple times I'll wake up and wonder for a second why I feel like shit, then I'll look over and see a bunch of empty bottles and cans. In a positive change, I feel bad about it instead of getting up and starting it all over again.

I haven't snorted any undesirable substances up my nose since November. That was never really my thing, but if somebody offered I wouldn't turn them down.

Smoked pot once about a month ago. But, that was never my thing either. Most people probably wouldn't even consider that a bad thing and would encourage me to smoke more.

* * *

As David Bowie would say, I've made some more ch-ch-ch-ch-changes... I became a vegetarian recently. I think I'm about a month in now. I was keeping track for the first couple weeks and then stopped caring how long it had been.

I hate to be one of "those people," but this has nothing to do with living a healthy lifestyle. I've joked to friends that any health benefits will be purely accidental.

I'm a vegetarian for ethical reasons. I've had these thoughts in my head for a couple years, but never really acted on them until recently. I was in Kroger sometime last year and looked at all of the hamburger and beef products in the butcher area. I thought about how much beef was in the entire Kroger. And then I did the same with chicken. Then I thought about all of the other grocery stores in the area, and surrounding areas, and so on and so forth. That was a lot of animals.

And I kept reading all of these undercover reports about unfair treatment of animals at slaughterhouses and their poor quality of life. And it made me sad. With something this big, I realized I can't change the world, but I can change how I act in the world. So, I don't eat meat anymore.

It hasn't been hard at all. I've never been one of those people who crave meat, or think they do. You can always look at a guy and know his reaction to me being a vegetarian will be "I can't do it. I love steak too much!"

The world is full of stereotypes because people don't know how to be themselves.