Sunday, March 30, 2014

Unfinished Works: Thought Catalog

I became a contributor to Thought Catalog about a month ago. It's been fun. To kind of show off my ego, I like to think that I'm writing really smart, thought-provoking pieces. I'm doing good stuff over there.

I initially wrote here about how my relationship with TC started. I was sending in articles and not hearing anything back from them. I took it as a sign of rejection. It turns out that my emails weren't arriving at their destination. It was literally a one-day thing that changed it; I emailed one person who emailed one other person, that second person apologized and my first article was up that night.

Since I thought they were rejecting me, I tried to think of ways to change and better my writing. I didn't think what I was writing was bad, but maybe it wasn't in the vein of what they wanted on their site. So, I tried to change my writing accordingly. My Weezer piece is an example of trying to write a "Thought Catalog article" instead of an article and sending it to Thought Catalog, which is what I do.

Long story short, I had decided I was going to dumb down my writing. I had been "rejected" maybe 4 or 5 times and I was trying to come up with ideas that the TC crowd would like. I knew I needed a list, and it needed to be about something people would like.

I was at work and a friend asked if I was going out to the bar later that night. Inspiration hit me! I would write about how to optimize your jukebox experience at the bar. I thought it was dumb, but maybe other people would like it. You can tell if I'm struggling to write something if I doodle all over the page. Lots of random scribbles in the above picture.

Here's what I wrote:

ways to optimize jukebox experience

1) Get there early; make sure no music is playing

2) Size up your audience

  • hip hop crowd? country? rock? pop?

3) play a wide variety of music

  • genre crossing ---> rap/rock
4) little-known songs btwn 2 popular ones

5) Have fun!

And yeah, I thought it was kind of stupid, so I didn't finish it. I did, however try to write it, as we will see below:

That's a view from Google Drive on my iPhone. I thought the early-mid 20s bar crowd would get a kick out of reading something like this. I got through a lame introduction and my first point, then I felt so dumb that I stopped writing it.

So far, that's the only thing I have attempted to write for Thought Catalog and gave up on. If I stop writing anything else, you guys will be the first ones to know.

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  1. I stumbled on this post while google searching 'article rejected by thoughtcatalogue' I submitted something, never heard back, contacted someone there to make sure it was received (as I was having problems with my server at the time) and it still never appeared on the site. Discouraged, I'm trying to figure out where I went wrong. But what you've written has given me food for thought. Instead of giving up on the site entirely, I might try another submission, while still sticking to my guns. If my work gets rejected again, then maybe we're not as good a fit as I thought...

    1. Keep trying. If you need any further help or questions, feel free to email me at