Wednesday, February 12, 2014

White Unicorn

Opening guitar has a Liz Phair vibe. "Exile In Guyville," her debut album, is one of my favorites.

I'm kind of surprised Wolfmother didn't become a bigger deal. I've liked everything I've heard from them. Back in 2010, I wrote out a list of the biggest bands from the last decade who should have been a bigger deal. I also did the other end and made a list of bands who got a lot bigger than I would have expected (Nickelback is the example I'll use).

I never did anything with that list aside from write it down in one of my many yellow-lined legal pads collecting dust in my room. I think the reason was because I didn't have the same amount of bands for both lists.

I also have a list of ideas for lists. I would think of something and then think "If I can come up with like 8 more examples, that would be a fun list." And then I never did, so it's just stuff I wrote down and then never did anything with. Maybe one day I'll publish my list of lists.

I feel like I'm full of ideas and the only thing stopping me from becoming the best me I can be is the ability to get them out of my head.

One of the coolest books I've ever read is a collection of notes that Kurt Cobain wrote. It's titled "Journals" and they took all these notebooks that Cobain wrote in and scanned the actual pages into a book. He would write songs, draw stuff, put his thoughts down, and all sorts of stuff. I initially bought it as a Christmas present for Kelly back in 2002 or 2003, but I don't think she liked it that much so she gave it back to me after a while (she said she thought I would enjoy it more).

I've always been intrigued by what goes on in people's heads. I think that's why I enjoy interviewing people. I like to sit there and listen to people talk.

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