Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Driving

Yesterday, I documented digging my car out of 13 inches of snow. Check out the Snow Adventures post if you haven't seen that.

With that in mind, I decided to document me going to work this morning in the destruction. Presented in three videos, I give you "Snow Driving."

Some notes:

Video 01: It's a little after 7:45 in the morning. I'm very tired and it shows. There was only supposed to be one video in the beginning, but I accidentally turned it off when trying to set the camera up on my dashboard. As we find out in video 02, setting the camera on the dash doesn't really work, as it's at an odd angle and it starts to knock around and vibrate, making weird noises. Kevin Steen does it in his video blogs, so I figured it would work for me. I guess his car is shaped differently than mine, as it works for him but not me.

Video 02: I compare people who like snow to rapists and child molesters. The logic behind it seems to work out. I break the news "publicly" that I no longer work at Pizza Hut, then give some advice that every college student out there should listen to. I talk about a girl I unfollowed on Twitter because I knew she was going to be extra pathetic on Valentine's Day. I give examples of what I dealt with from following her for a little while. And I yell at an old lady.

Video 03: Apologies for bad camera angles. I hold my phone too far up a couple times. I tell you to look at things and all you can see is the sky. In my defense, the sky looks very nice. I come to the realization that I have had a Valentine for 11 consecutive years. And that I have never made a snowman. Only one of those is surprising to me. And I check my mail when I get home, which you guys see. Ashley and I sent each other cards, like a couple losers. I have no grasp of how the postal system works, so she got hers a week ago.

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