Saturday, January 18, 2014

Podcast Index

The first 10 episodes of my podcast, neatly organized for your listening pleasure. It has taken me a while to get things figured out with what I'm trying to accomplish through this endeavor and how I'm doing that. It's still very much a work in progress, but I think I have a much better idea of what I'm doing here in the present and future.

If you haven't checked them out yet, give one or two a listen and decide if this is something you want to come along on the ride for. The shortest one in length is about 13 minutes and the longest is a little over an hour. I want to try and shoot for around half-hour, 40 minutes. Most podcasts are roughly an hour, but as I explain in episode 01, I feel like that's asking too much of a commitment. If the topic is interesting and informative, I won't set a time limit, but I don't really want to go much past 40 minutes.

As of right now, this is a weekly podcast. Looking into the possibility of doing two podcasts per week; one mostly me & one interviewing somebody else. Steve Austin does it, why can't I? We'll see what happens in that regard. I'll keep everybody updated.

To conclude: things are really looking good for the future of the podcast and I'm excited about watching it grow and prosper.

Episode 01: Introduction ... Referred to as the "practice-cast," I explain who I am and why I want to do this

Episode 02: customer service ... Talk about customer complaints I have received over the years of working in minimum wage jobs

Episode 03: Jeff Harvey ... An interview with a Princeton Times reporter about journalism in a small town, his time at Concord University (including what the Student Government & Concordian were like nearly 30 years ago), and more

Episode 04: Celia Laverty ... Concord University's main campus is located in Athens, but they also have a campus in Beckley and I speak with possibly the most-well-known Beckley student about it

Episode 05: Words and Whatever ... I explain my long absence from the podcast, discuss the death of a longtime Concord professor & talk about my favorite (and worst) professor, and get into the foibles of language

Episode 06: Ashley Green ... Took a trip to California to see my girlfriend; while there, we talk about the differences between WV & Cali, what makes a relationship work, and LGBT issues

Episode 07: B-Sides & Snow ... I published my first book, "B-Sides: rarities and unreleased works, vol. 01" and give background on that, in addition to mentioning one of my least favorite things: snow

Episode 08: Duck Dynasty & Santa ... The recent "anti-gay" comments by a Duck Dynasty star got him into a lot of hot water; I look through Facebook to see what people are saying about it (good and bad), and I also talk about some Santa-related issues in the news

Episode 09: Ashley Green, again ... Ashley was not supposed to be a guest again so soon; the plan had been to record an interview and use it a few weeks later, but the scheduled episode 09 guest had to back out so Ashley and I talk about the serving industry & social media etiquette.

Episode 10: Princeton Renaissance Project ... I speak with Lori McKinney, one of the heads of the PRP about how this came about, why it's important, what they've done and what they will do in the future

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