Sunday, January 12, 2014

Metal: Not the Bluefield Daily Telegraph's strong suit

The best kind of comedy is the kind where you hear it and laugh, then it makes you think. The following probably won't make the majority of people think, but for all the journalists out there, this Hannibal Buress bit should make you take heed. It should be your goal to never write an article so bad that a comedian will make fun of it in his act (apparently for over 2 years).

What got me thinking about this today was an article I read in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. It is written by veteran reporter Bill Archer and looks at a local metal band, Helgardh, whose members are releasing their first major album. Click here to read it.

I'm not an expert on metal music by any means. I began listening to metal in 2006, when I worked with some "metal heads" and they exposed me to the genre. I like it enough to say that I like it. I occasionally go to some of the local metal shows around here if I can; usually if a friend of mine is playing in one of the bands. 

From reading the article, my first thought was that Bill Archer had no clue about metal music. And, that's not really his fault. I covered a gun safety show once for the Princeton Times. I had no clue what was going on, but I followed the KISS rule - Keep it simple, stupid. The big irony here being that Bill Archer is also a musician. Granted, a bluegrass musician, but still. 

I posted a link to the article on my Facebook page with one real question: was their album truly going "national," as the article stated or was it just a small album released locally like a lot of bands here do. A Facebook friend from my Concord days commented and linked the lead singer, Josh Crouse. Crouse commented on the link and said, "The album is being released to most major retailers through Alliance Entertainment in North America and Sony Music Entertainment in Europe. Like Bill said, we have recorded a few albums, but this is the first big release."

Crouse then posted the link to his Facebook page with the following comment: "It's full of misquotes and spelling errors, but the Bluefield Daily Telegraph interviewed me recently about the band's tours and upcoming release."

When asked what the errors in the article were, Crouse replied: 

Never lived in Falls Mills in my entire life, never played Motley Crue songs as a band (which was misspelled), although we've played for several hundred before, we've never played for 800 to a thousand. They asked how big the venues we play at usually are, and I said that we have played at some venues where the max capacity is that, but even said they weren't at full capacity while we were there. They also misspelled Brett's name and have him Adam's stage name.

So, there's that. I told Crouse I'd like to have him on the podcast at some point. He said that would be cool. So, we'll do that at some point in the future. Preview: the next podcast will be an interview with a representative from the Princeton Renaissance Project.

Bill Archer is usually on top of his game. I guess this was just a case of either not trying hard enough to understand something or possibly trying too hard to understand something. Lesson to learn here: when you want to write something, try to make sure that somebody won't be able to get laughs by reading it in front of a crowd.

[I tried to look for some links to some good Helgardh songs for people to listen to. I'm not familiar with the band, so I don't really know what their best work is. If anybody reading wants to throw out some tracks that people should check out, feel free.]


  1. Helgardh with a Dh at the end, not Th. Common mistake but that's probably why you couldn't find music.

  2. Bill is a good friend of mine but this is indeed pretty funny.

    1. There was no disrespect meant toward Bill. I just thought it was a funny thing to see a great journalist seemingly out of his element.