Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mae Young (1923-2014)

Mae Young, one of the pioneering female wrestlers, died the other day at 90-years-old. Based on the first half of her career alone, Mae was one of the greats. But what she's remembered the most for these days is the second half of her career. Her wrestling career was amazing, but her "sports entertainment" career was even better. The amazing thing is that the second stage of her career didn't begin until she was in her 70s.

She was more than just a comedy character. She was a tough wrestler, taking bumps that most male superstars would be hesitant to take. She was an adept, multi-faceted performer who put the business first. The video above illustrates that. If you're important enough for WWE to give you a 90th birthday celebration live on Monday Night Raw, then you're important enough to ask WWE to make that moment just about you. But, she didn't. The moment is about Mae Young, but it helped get CM Punk over as a heel. Even on her 90th birthday, Mae Young is putting people over and helping the business.

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