Thursday, January 9, 2014

Episode 09: Ashley Green, again

Had a guest back out of the podcast and needed to fill a vacancy. Ashley Green was just sitting around my apartment, so why not get her back on the podcast for round two? Her interview on episode 06 was very fun. 

We get an update on her life in California and her exploits in grad school. We spend the majority of our conversation talking about the serving industry and tipping. We also talk about social media, what we use it for, and what we shouldn't use it for. We conclude by talking about what makes a relationship successful. A partial transcript of some of the good stuff is below: 

Chris: We are in the midst of what the meteorologists are calling a "polar vortex." Cold air is coming down from somewhere and making things miserable. Checked the weather and it is negative six degrees right now. And, I’m sure with wind chill it feels like negative 206. That's how that works, right? 

Chris: Keep your pets indoors tonight. Unless they chew on the furniture. 

Ashley: That is so mean! 

Chris: No, it's not. 

* * *

Chris: You live in San Diego, correct?

Ashley: Yes, where it is currently in the '50s right now.

Chris: In the normal hours, we’re doing this a little late, in the normal hours, it was like 70 degrees.

Ashley: Yeah, in the middle of the day, it was like 73 degrees. So, I'm kind of ready to go back to that.

Chris: It has cooled down a little bit as the evening progressed. It was negative 2 earlier. We're down to negative 6. I hate my life so much right now.

* * *

Chris: Two dollars and thirteen cents, plus tips. Can you live off of that?

Ashley: It depends on what people are tipping. Whenever I lived in West Virginia, and my half of rent was roughly $230-ish a month, yes I could live off of that because I was at a decently-busy restaurant. I think I was a good server; I usually made 15-20 percent of my sales in tips, which is in this area what you’re shooting for. In other areas, you're hopefully getting 20-25 percent.

Chris: This happened to me once, I'm gonna ask you your thought on this. If you have a rude table. I don’t want to say they were mean; they were all really drunk. Would you rather get a tip for zero dollars or - like they did with me - and leave me a tip of 32 cents?

Ashley: [deep sigh]

Chris: 32 is more than zero, if you look at it that way.

* * *

Chris: Why do you have a Facebook, a Twitter, a whatever-else-you-have?

Ashley: Well, I started using Twitter to talk to you. I guess, especially where I'm not somebody staying in the same area, I'm originally from Dallas and lived in West Virginia for six years and now I live in San Diego. So, I use Facebook to stay connected to people that I do not live near anymore.

Chris: What I use social media for…

Ashley: To promote your book and your podcast.

Chris: To promote my brand.

Ashley: Your brand?

Chris: Yes. I’m Chris Slater, comma small-town, multimedia journalist. Podcast. Blogs. The tweets. Etcetera, etcetera, whatever else I’m getting into.

* * *

Chris: I have a lot of Facebook friends, but I don't like them. I do this very passive-aggressive thing; I don't unfriend people. I block them, but I block them in a way that they don't know.

Ashley: So hostile.

Chris: I look at Facebook like "I need these people, I feel like they’re kind of 'important.'" Air quotes around "important." So, I need to tag them in a blog so that their friend will see it, so that they will see it. But, then they have a status like "OMG, just ate candy for dinner. I'm such an adult." And I roll my eyes and say, "I don't want to see you ever again." Well, here's what irks me about it. It's okay that they eat candy for dinner. But 54 of their friends liked it. "Oh, ha ha ha, you're so witty!" Ugh, no you're not. Blocking you forever.

Ashley: You're so mean.

Chris: Some of my journalist friends, one of my journalist friends, his Facebook feed is nothing but right-wing, Republican propaganda crap that I hate. And not even like sensible stuff. Just like those meme pictures of like Obama and "something-something-something, and this proves he's a Socialist. I don't think he’s from America." Whatever. And I'm like, "Okay, I need you because you can help me succeed in life. But I don’t want to see anything that you do. So, you’re disappearing."

Ashley: So much hostility. 

* * *

Chris: I've noticed this trend on the Facebook: babies have Facebook accounts. And their moms are posting things saying, "I've made a Facebook account for little Henry. And I'm gonna post pictures of him throughout his life. And then when he hits a certain age, I'm going to give him the password and that's going to be his Facebook."

Ashley: Yeah, I know a few of those. My cousin has a Facebook for her daughter.

Chris: So, she is going to grow up and they'll say, "Remember life before Facebook?" And she's gonna be like, "No, there was no life before Facebook."

* * *

Chris: What's the key component to make a relationship work? Let's see if we say the same thing.

Ashley: I don't know, I think trust?

Chris: Oh, look at us! We got it right! One day you'll learn to trust me.

Ashley: I do trust you! Do you trust me?

Chris: I will learn to, through time.

Ashley: What's sad is that everyone thinks that I'm the one in the relationship that isn't trustworthy. Whenever I was at my old job earlier, one of the girls that I was close friends with out of the people that I worked with, she asked how things were going with us. And then she asked if I had been faithful the whole time [laughs]. I said yes, and she said, "Oh, I'm so proud of you!" I was just like, "Why does nobody think I can make this work?"

* * *

All of that and much more. I talk about the differences between trying to get my first girlfriend, Kelly, at age 15 (before Facebook) and hooking up with Ashley (in the current social media world).

How much information is too much? Is social media a representation of your life or a play-by-play? I talk about a woman who announced that her husband left her... but everything was fine the next week. If she had waited to post that, maybe we all wouldn't know that her marriage had cracks. And more examples.

* * * 


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