Saturday, December 21, 2013

Steady As She Goes

Not every song is written for you at the moment you first hear it. The Raconteurs, the side project of then-White Stripes frontman Jack White, released their first album in 2005, the first single of which was "Steady, As She Goes." I listened to it and liked it. I thought the whole album was great. "Hands," "Blue Veins," "Yellow Sun," and "Broken Boy Soldier" are some of my favorite tracks of theirs.

Some songs are above your head at certain times in your life. I was listening to Pandora a month or so back and "Steady, As She Goes" came on. I hadn't heard it in a while and took this opportunity to really listen to it, reading the lyrics that popped up on the screen with it. Jack White has been one of my favorite lyricists for a long time. I love the White Stripes and how Jack White talks about love and life.

And that's what he talks about here. At 19-years-old, when I first heard this song, it didn't mean anything to me. At 27, I'm now witnessing this song in my life. "Steady, As She Goes" is about maintaining a steady lifestyle: get married young to somebody you don't really love and don't do anything exciting with your life. "You've had to much to think, now you need a wife" perfectly sums up a lot of what I've seen in small-town, America aka Princeton.

It's kind of a depressing song. But, it is also a reminder. I don't want that life. Listen and learn from it.

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