Friday, December 20, 2013

Finding Hulk Hogan

I'm not sure how I hadn't heard of the 2010 A&E documentary "Finding Hulk Hogan" until now. It chronicles the comeback journey Hulk Hogan took from the ending of his marriage, his son's car wreck & subsequent civil lawsuit that came out of it, and his deteriorating mental and physical state.

I read Hulk Hogan's 2009 autobiography "My Life Outside the Ring" and it basically tells the same story. Not much from the documentary was a surprise to me; his contemplation of suicide, his children ostracizing him, losing his fortune, etc... But the documentary puts a different picture to it that the book doesn't. He can write about how worn down his body is, but that doesn't compare to actually seeing him hobbling around and having a doctor show him x-rays of his back. 

Speaking of appearances, it was interesting to see Hogan not have his full "Hogan look" in pristine condition. At one point, you can see his black roots showing on his bleach-blond hair and since there were multiple interviews conducted, you see his mustache with differing amounts of gray stubble around it.

The documentary concludes with Hogan's return to the wrestling industry with TNA: Impact Wrestling. Spoiler alert: he's no longer affiliated with them. He signed with the promotion in 2009, debuted in 2010, and finally left in the fall of 2013. While no official contract has been signed, it is considered a no-brainer that Hogan will wind up back with WWE in the coming months, especially considering that the monumental WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view is coming up in April 2014. Hogan was the main attraction for the first 9 WrestleMania events and had a brief resurgence for the 18th and 19th WrestleManias.

The documentary is below, broken up into three YouTube videos. Check it out. If you haven't read his book, this documentary is a great look into the man behind the iconic character. If you have read it, then this is an additional viewing accessory to what you already know.

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