Sunday, December 1, 2013

Episode 06: Ashley Green

While in California, I managed to land an exclusive interview with none other than Ashley Green. During our 40-minute conversation, we touched upon a number of things. Topics include:

- Pros & Cons of living in San Diego.

- What is a "Women's Studies" degree and what does one do with it.

- LGBT issues, and what some of the extra letters mean (LGBT...Q...Q...A...P...etc).

- Compare & Contrast living in San Diego versus living in Princeton, WV.

- Greek life at San Diego State University versus Concord University.

- Can a long distance relationship work?

We talk about a lot of other stuff, including my haircut and trip to the farmer's market, and touch upon the time I previously interviewed her in 2010. It's a fun listen. Couple notes: I mention at one point liking the modern rock station in San Diego (and Morgantown). Most people in the Princeton area will understand why I like them, but I failed to mention it - Princeton doesn't have a modern rock station. And Ashley talks about her Women's Studies program and the different disciplines involved, but forgot to mention "ageism" and "ableism." And we also mention Rey Mysterio.

Let me know what you think.