Monday, October 7, 2013

SGA Meeting Notes [10-02-13]

Cheap plug that is actually relevant: in my latest podcast, I interviewed Jeff Harvey, Princeton Times reporter. He said something about it being frustrating when he would attend a board meeting or something where nothing much happened and then he would have to try and find something to write about.

I was at the 10-02-13 meeting of Concord University's Student Government Association. Not a whole lot happened. But that'll happen from time to time. As long as they're working on making things happen then everything should be fine.

Notes from the meeting:

Homecoming King Attorney General Andrew Miller took away the voting rights of BSU, CU Honors, and Senator Adam Gellios. The college Scouts group, PATH, the PR club, and the Reading Council will all receive voting rights at the 10-09-13 SGA meeting. An organization or Senator loses voting rights after accumulating three absences. The last time I checked, a senate meeting was one absence and a committee meeting counted as half an absence. If that's changed at any point let me know.

Genevieve Hatcher, Business Manager, noted that some organizations still need to get proper paperwork filed in order to receive reimbursements from the previous academic year. If you are one of those groups, get in touch with her before you can receive your money.

In budget news, the Film Society asked for $1000 to purchase new movies. And the Student Activities Committee asked for $1500, for entertainment purposes as well as to help fix some issues in the State Room (where the SGA meetings are held). Both allocations passed.

The chair of the combined housing/dining committee gave a rundown of her report. If a student needs room repairs, talk to your RA. There is a new stove in Wooddell Hall. The housing department is looking into getting new ice machines in Wilson Hall. The contracts for washing machines will be up in a year. The housing/dining committee chair said that the next washing machines purchased would have an option for a credit or debit card.

Moving to dining issues, the committee chair said that the "pasta day" in the cafeteria didn't work due to ventilation issues. She didn't elaborate. Maybe a reporter from The Concordian will look into this for me. There are new glasses in the cafeteria. She also said that it would cost too much to keep the cafeteria open longer on the weekends without something major like raising tuition. There is also a nutritional app for your phone that has the cafeteria menu on it. A handy box in The Concordian with instructions on how to download that app would be handy. Maybe in the Student Life Section.

She concluded her report by saying "If there are any issues, go to the ombudsman or come to me." I wrote in my notes at the time "Who is she?" If anybody needs to talk to the ombudsman, his email is ombudsman[at] The ombudsman is the person you're supposed to go to if you have problems. Probably one of the most underutilized positions in the SGA. There's a lot of potential there for the person holding that title to do some good.

In "New Business" Monica Rahall and Richard Babich were finally sworn in as members of the judicial branch [story idea for The Concordian: what is a justice?]. James Miller was sworn in as the Beckley Senator. His job is to help foster a positive relationship between the main Athens campus and Concord's Beckley campus. If you don't know much about Concord's Beckley campus, perhaps The Concordian should do a feature about that as well.

An investigatory committee was created to look into whether or not they could impeach a senator. An odd note about this was that nobody mentioned who the Senator was. They just kept mentioning that "a senator" needs to be investigated. Go read the beginning of this blog and see which senator lost his voting rights.

They had to suspend a portion of the SGA bylaws to create the investigatory committee. That took a little while as they needed to get the wording right. The committee is chaired by Attorney General Miller and included "Senator Huminez" (They didn't say his/her first name and after looking at my notes I'm not sure if I wrote "Huminez" or "Humirez"), Celia Lavery, and the organizational rep for the Yearbook. I didn't catch her name, but it was some girl with a lip ring, which I thought was cool.*


They are constitutionally bound to have a finding before the senate within two weeks. So, they will have made a decision no later than the 10-16-13 meeting.

That's pretty much it for the meeting. If I missed anything or got anything wrong (like somebody's name), feel free to correct me or add anything to the discussion. As always, below is the end to every SGA blog: 

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  1. The name you misspelled is Jimenez, as in Jasmine Jimenez.:)