Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Norm Macdonald Clip of the Week

The video is titled "norm saves the interview" and that is very true. Courtney Thorne-Smith, best known from "Melrose Place," is being interviewed by Conan O'Brien. Norm was the first guest of the night, so he's still sitting out there. It's really just a dull interview about the big season finale of "Melrose Place." Nothing too interesting is going on until she brings up that she recently finished a movie with infamous prop comic Carrot Top.

Conan makes a couple jokes at Carrot Top's expense and it's cute, but the interview is dying a slow death until Norm takes over, making fun of Carrot Top, calling him "box-office poison" and referring to Thorne-Smith as a "beautiful, talented talk-show guest."

The biggest laugh of the video comes at the end when the movie title, "Chairman of the Board," is revealed. Norm hits the joke out of the park and even Conan can't hide the fact that he thinks it's hilarious.

If you want to see the trailer for "Chairman of the Board," click here. I would recommend not watching the trailer, because it's probably the dumbest movie ever made.

At the end of the video, Conan mentions that Collective Soul will be performing next. I tried to see if I could find the actual performance on the show but I couldn't. They probably played "December."

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