Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hard Times, 30 years later

One of the most famous wrestling promos of all times is a 1985 interview by "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes where he describes the "Hard Times" that have been put on him by Ric Flair.

Last week, TNA wrestling champion Bully Ray (the TNA-ized moniker of "Bubba Ray Dudley" which WWE owns the rights to) met in the ring with AJ Styles, the challenger to his championship. He noted that at the upcoming "Bound For Glory" pay-per-view, the biggest event of TNA's year, their version of WrestleMania, that he was going to bring "Hard Times" upon AJ Styles and his family.

Below is Dusty Rhodes' original 1985 promo and after that is Bully Ray mentioning it in 2013. The biggest thing to note here is that Bully Ray is delivering such a great promo for such a sub par storyline. The biggest event on the TNA calendar was a letdown. It almost feels like Ray has been wasting away in TNA when he should be rewarded for reinventing himself so thoroughly by having a great WWE run.

AJ Styles, for better or worse, is the biggest homegrown TNA star. He has never wrestled for WWE and is the guy most people associate with when they hear the initials T-N-A. Could he be a big star in WWE? I honestly don't know, and would lean toward "no." But, he's "Mr. TNA" and their go-to guy for the last 11 years.

Dusty Rhodes promo

Bully Ray - AJ Styles promo

The worst thing about TNA right now is that they're doing a "evil president" angle with Dixie Carter, the woman featured in the video. She put up a $50,000 bounty on anybody who could take out AJ Styles before the BFG pay-per-view. Hopefully that storyline ends soon.

AJ Styles won the World Title from Bully Ray on Sunday night at Bound For Glory 2013. Hopefully something good comes from that. AJ is a great wrestler, but I just don't know about him as a personality. Bully Ray is the total package; he's just had to deal with being in TNA when he could be doing so much more.

Nothing can touch the original Dusty promo, but it was a nice homage from Bully Ray, one of the best promo men going today. The best thing from this is when I went to look up the original Dusy promo on YouTube and I saw a few comments along the lines of "Bully Ray's promo brought me here to check this out." That's nice to see.

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