Friday, October 4, 2013

Episode 03: Jeff Harvey

Episode 03 of the podcast is up and running. In this week's edition, I speak with Princeton Times reporter Jeff Harvey. He is an Athens resident and Concord alum. Jeff is a pretty interesting guy; we've been Facebook friends for a few years and it was cool to interact with him via podcast interview.

Jeff graduated from Concord in 1986 (the year I was born). During his time at Concord he was a writer for The Concordian and also a member of the Student Government Association. We talk about the differences in those two organizations in the 1980s and today. 

We also talk about small-town journalism and its importance. I bring up the article I wrote for Muckrack, "Why small towns need advocacy journalism" and I ask Jeff if the Princeton Times is a strong advocate for important issues.

It's a nice conversation, check it out. There's a little bit of background noise, but it's hopefully not too distracting.


Princeton Times website

Princeton Times Facebook page

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